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Help for wife -husband newly diagnosed


My husband and I have been separated for approx 3 months after he had a physchotic episode. He has since been diagnosed with anti social schizophrenia. I am struggling big time with this. He tells me he is feeling good now and wants to come home. However I have way too many questions. I would like to speak to the doctor who diagnosed him but he tells me that is not possible because of Doctor/patient confidentiality. I feel so shut out and alone. He doesn’t seem to let me in or feel part of this or seems interested or capable of helping me to understand. Surely as his wife his doctor would be willing to include me in understanding what is going on and how I am best able to support him as well as looking after myself and my family? Am I being unreasonable? Can anyone help me with advice? Thank you so much in advance.


You’re not being unreasonable. Not in the least.

If you’re being asked to accept a person diagnosed with a severe mental illness back into your home, you need to know what you’re agreeing to. You need knowledge. You need communication.

Is the expectation that you will take care of him? If so, I’d insist on a HIPAA waiver, so you can get a full understanding before release to you.

If he’s not being released to you, where is he going? Someone needs to be in the know.


Your husband can fill out and sign a standard release of information form (the doctor will have lots of blank ones) for you to communicate with the doctor and any other members of the treatment team.

I would never accept any caregiving responsibilities for any person with any illness if I were not able to talk to the doctors and get information and instructions about my role.


There are a very broad range of aspects to hearing voices and schizophrenic symptoms. Ranging from the easy diagnosis schizophrenia to technology, insanity curses, and nutritional deficiency’s, food allergy’s, copper imbalance, heavy metal toxicity(can only be accurately tested through hair mineral analysis) toxoplasma(parasites from cats. People get diagnosed with schizophrenia and it’s a terrifying event, but the doctor is going to give you text book answers, and Anti Phycotics. Saying it’s a degenerative brain disease that never gets better. Which is %100 untrue. Anti Phycotics bandaid the problem. They shrink your frontal lobes and deplete your body of nutrients. Which nutritional defecancy may cause this in the first place. It’s like getting a lobotamy in the form of a pill. APs are the only reason they quit doing lobotomys. You have to do your own research. There are long term study’s proving people who didn’t take the meds fared better in the long run. You can look up,amp.html


Ask him to sign a release form with his doctor allowing you to inquire about his illness. I will tell you from experience, my husband blocked me anyway he could from getting information regarding his illness. HOWEVER, you can call a doctor/social worker/case manager and tell them what is going on with a loved one but they cannot tell you anything…I have done this quite a few times. If this is his first psychotic episode, he may not have another one. For me, my husband has been in and out of institutions for the last 4.5 years and it has been hell.
Is he taking medication? Is he currently in the hospital or living some place else?


I think the one thing I have said over and over is just how left out I feel. My SO told me two years ago that I got into trouble at work because he was telling me too much about the Illuminati and false flags, so he was punished. So he’s stop saying or sharing anything with me. He has so many delusions about how the world works and refuses to confide anymore. I’m sure talking to your spouses doctor would give you some clarity and relief. I’ve just kept reminding my SO that I am stronger and full of more positivity and light than whatever darkness surrounds him; that I refuse to allow bad things that happen to define me and can always turn them towards a positive. I hate the feeling of being shut out, though, and completely understand the need to have access to ways to help his life continuing improving. And certainly your own!


Yeah…being shut out is the worst. It leaves you wondering what they are thinking. When my husband was arrested last year…I literally had no idea what he was doing let alone thinking. When the silence starts I know he is having a psychotic episode and it only goes down from there!


Thank you for the references on supplementation. Although it can be hard to get my sz loved one to accept any advice or supplements, it was especially helpful to read the article about 7 Important Nutrients Depleted by Psychiatric Drugs. I think APs have their place in breaking active severe psychosis, but also believe in supplementation with vitamins, etc.