Help for husband

Hi, i hope one of you could give me some insight about how to deal with my husband.

He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his teens, we have been together bit over year, married almost year with a baby daughter, this is his first relationship (he is 28 & me 26). He is on medication for psychosis and depression but has been low on and off, especially after baby’s birth but for most part has done well and been wonderful father to his little daughter.

This autumn things have began to go out of control. He returned to studies and started becoming more and more withdrawn, appeared very depressed. Days would pass without him saying a word to us while on some days he would be very loving. He had trouble with studies before because of stress and the social situations and feeling alienated from society.

In the end i traveled to meet my family, i don’t know if it was right choice to leave him by himself but i was completely exhausted, taking care of our baby alone, all the tension in our relationship… i needed to get a break. I explained to him how i felt and he seemed to accept it, he told me he too tought it was good idea.

Few days later his aunt calls me to tell me he had been put in hospital for suicidality. He was released after some days and I traveled back to meet him. He was out from his school for week and took care of baby which seemed to go very well, i kept close eye on them and met them on most days but stayed with his aunt. He seemed very happy during this time and even showed some affection towards me.

As he went to school, he visited us one time, seemed a little sad but mostly fine. After that he suddenly stopped answering my calls and txts. Some days ago his aunt visited him and he had ended up explaining to her how he has woken up from psychosis and realised he has hallucinated a wife and baby.

I have been trying to contact him but he does not pick up his phone. It seems that he thinks he is hallucinating and ignores it all.

This turn that this has taken makes me feel very helpless, I am not at all sure what to do. He needs help but I am scared to face him in person, if it would only make his belief worse?

Why would he believe we do not exists? Nothing makes sense to me.

Would it be better to let him be for some time? Give him time? Does anyone have tips or experience with something like this?

He is in psychosis. Keep in touch with hid family and ask them to get him to a doctor again and get his meds adjusted. He will come out of it eventually. It sounds like he needed an adjustment when he started college because it was too stressful.

Is he stable on his med’s? The best thing would be to work with his med’s. The med’s he’s taking don’t seem to be doing the job.

It can’t be easy trying to figure out what is real and what isn’t when your own senses are not making sense. It’s unfortunate that he thinks that he hallucinated a wife and a baby however I can understand why this might happen. If other things that happened during that time where not real then in a way it’s logical to question if you and the baby are real as well.

Maybe some sort of supervised visit with his Aunt also present, so that he can see for himself that you are not an hallucination.

Barbie is right on with this.
A short visit would help-but he may need some time too-to get more stable on his meds.