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Primary caretaker and in love with my well functional Schizophrenic. Problem is she might be pregnant and will no longer take medications

So let’s start this story on a very positive note. I myself was born I. A family with severe depression and mental issues all around.

I suffer from anxiety and bi-polar periods. So when my soon to be wife and mother of my child got back in touch her illness did not bother me.

She is the sweetest and most caring person ever. I don’t have to worry about anything at home which helps me out because Im active duty military. A few months ago she had a pretty rough episode and I needed to get her hospitalized and since then we have been active with NAMI and her counseling.

Until recently she was compliant on medications now with her being pregnant she will have nothing to do with them. I know it’s a matter of time before she gets overwhelmed and has another episode with severe delusions and unorganized thoughts.

Love her tremendously but I scared for her mental well being. Any advice that might help me out?

Hi - sadly this is common.

I recommend you watch these videos:

I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! - Dr. Xavier Amador - Pt. 1


I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! - Dr. Xavier Amador - Pt. 2

ALso - to help lower the risk of your child developing schizophrenia - read up as much as you can here:

Get good prenatal care for your wife and…

read up here:


read the research studies on Choline – the choline found in Lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) - and this is the type of supplement that I’ve seems to reduce risk of schizophrenia in offspring:

You have to take a lot of it - we’re talking 6 to 7 grams of phosphatidylcholine - which means this calculation:
3 gel capsules have 540 mg of phosphatidylcholine
So - 30 capsules a day to get 5 grams per day

We split them up so that we took 10 capsules in the morning, 10 with lunch and 10 with dinner (approximately)

Hope this is helpful.


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I appreciate the information and I’ll view the videos while she is a sleep or working in her garden. It’s so weird because she went over a year without meds and only had an physocis period when we moved to a new apartment and finances where weird for a while. Somehow she does extremely well dealing with the voices and knowing what reality is and is not. I just know at some point it will be to much for her.

Actually that is pretty common. Psychosis in many people is very up and down - it gets worse when there are stressful situations or events and better when that stress goes away - but they are always vulnerable. And repapses happen much faster and more frequently when people are off medications - and it can get more and more difficult to recover after relapses.


Maybe if you remind her that if she gets out of touch again-she will be in the hospital.
Actually, I do not know much about meds and pregnancy–but I wish the both of you luck OO:sunny:

She knows all to well that if she starts down the path her voices want her to go where she will end up. It’s just so hard because she is so highly functional until something trips her. I’m concerned without meds during the pregnancy she will become to stressed and she will be hospitalized while pregnant. Also, I have a deployment coming up in a few months. So I’m kind of scared what the next month’s will be like. Love her to death and I’ll do anything to keep her healthy and safe.

Yes - that is the concern. Psychosis is a very stressful experience - and its hard on the growing baby and the mother - which is not helpful. Do you have helpful family around to be supportive during the pregnancy and make sure she gets good prenatal nutrition?

Its even more stressful after birth - for everyone - because of the lack of sleep and the constant need for attention, love and support of the baby.

also - this might help: