Help me! My son is talking to voices. Do I tell his doctor. He is afraid to tell them


Help me do the right thing. My son is talking to voices. Do I tell his doctor? He is afraid of a group home and won’t tell.


I’d say it depends. Does he do a quick answer and then try to focus on the life out side his head? Or is he spending almost ALL of his conversation with his voices?

Even now, I will still answer my voices. I back track and try and ground myself when I do, but sometimes there is just a loud glitch and I end up having a quick conversation with them. I do find I talk to them in the washroom too. But again… I work to come back out of it.

when I was concerning my parents was when I pretty much ONLY talked to my voices. Only lived inside my head. then my parents told my doc and my meds were increased.


I know it’s hard. I try my best to reassure myself that my son’s doctors need to know the truth if they are going to help. They can’t treat something that they don’t know is there. I tell my son that I do what I do because of how much I love him.


For your son to get the appropriate treatment they need accurate information about how he is doing. The doctor needs to get that information somehow, in my opinion.


Tell the doctors, but do tell him you are telling them first. When I was talking to my voices I wish my flatmates had told a doctor so I could have got treatment earlier and avoided my psychosis getting much worse.


I agree with surprisedJ. How much is he talking to them? I talk to them too but I’m not stuck in their world. I usually ignore the voices but sometimes I automatically answer them when I’m off guard.


Thanks for your responses. The doctor can’t treat what he don’t know. It scares him that he will be in a hospital again. I hope he can be treated at home. I want him to respond to us


You all have helped me a lot. I want to respect him as an adult but I don’t want him only hearing things from his head. He needs to hear us.


@laurasvineyard…do tell your doctor. But by the same token do not be overly concerned. The voices he hears can be rather benign. A lot of these voices come from the spirit world…and a lot of these voices can hold rather engaging interesting conversations. I talk to my voices a lot, sometime they keep me awake til 4 in the morning.

Trust me don’t be worried about your son talking to the voices…but if you feel you want to say it to the doctor, do.