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Help - Missing person - Advice to where he could be

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I need advice.

(Obs. Not English as birth language)

The situation now is that my boyfriend have Paranoid Schizophrenia and have been missing for 12 hours as I write this. His delusion is being spied on by the government and the mafia.

He came to my hometown and asked me to travel to another country with him.

I then went with him to several ebassy. He got to talk with one on the phone where he explained to the person that he didnt feel safe and needed help to feel safe or to get to another country.

To make a long story short… I need help as to where he would go.
Is there anyone else who has had some of the same experience as him and where would you go?
As to what do you believe he is thinking now and feels like he need to go or do?

Any advice at all is very much appriciated!

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Hi my son has done the same thing and for the same reasons, however we were fortunate that he told us where and when he was going. We were unable to stop him so he is now in Denmark and not on meds. I suggest calling your local police or crisis center. I pray he shows up soon.

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