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Help possible tardive or possible hypochondria?

My 24 yo SA son has been on antipsychotics for 10 years. Tried several only thing that helped was clozapine. Now he’s deveopled strange neurological symptoms. He keeps researching all these different ailments. He started with severe back pain then pelvic pain then shoulders and neck and weak legs. Profound weight loss. Neurology and fam med ran all kinds of bloodwork no answers. He was convinced it was MS then ALS now tardive dyskensia. His psych dr disagrees but hasn’t seen him in person for months. To me he seems obsessed and manic. His pain seems real but now he says he needs disability and there’s going to be a lawsuit. His girlfriend backs him up on all of this. I know he is beyond frustrated but I don’t know what is real??? Help

Well I would say looking at the evidence of what you said, he is suffering from a schizophrenia delusion that he is suffering from all sorts of illnesses and pains. Clearly, when the blood tests all indicate no issues and the psychiatrist doesn’t agree with tardive dyskinesia, that he is suffering from a delusion. I suspect some of the pain he mentions are a form of tactile hallucinations.

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It sounds like it could be somatic pain from google;

While challenges exist in treating patients when they present with somatic delusions alone, it becomes far more difficult when somatic delusions present in patients with schizophrenia . Physical symptoms such as pain or discomfort are often incorrectly perceived or misinterpreted by psychotic patients.

Pain More Common With Schizophrenia

The most common pain complaint among individuals with schizophrenia is headaches. … They found that patients experience pain from both physical and psychological causes , and the most common pain sites were head, leg, and back.

When our loved ones with mental illness complain of physical illness we often attribute it to their disorder. But if you read the side effects of the medications you’ll see that the complaints may be caused by them. We don’t want to believe this especially when a medication final helps them but read the following about clozapine. My son takes it and it has “only” given him a weight gain of 90 pounds and h sleeps 12 hours a day. But it works for his psychosis so we live with the trade offs.

Case presentation

In this report, we describe a healthy 43-year old Caucasian male who experienced onset of a full body deep burning pain several months after the onset of treatment with clozapine. The pain worsened over time, ceased with cessation of treatment, and returned soon after the patient was rechallenged.