Can schizophrenia cause physical pain in body joints like hip and chest pain while walking?

My mom (42 yr ) is diagnosed with schizophrenia. It has been 3 years now. She has stopped taking her anti psychotic medications a year ago, complaining that it makes her dizzy and sleepy all the time. Since then, she is normal most of the times and once a week, she have psychotic episodes (hallucination that our neighbour is trying to kill her by kidnapping her soul and what not :frowning: ).

Lately, she keeps complaining that she have pain in her hip joint and chest area while walking (like some weight is pulling her down by force :confused: ) . She is unable to walk properly. She takes support of walls to walk inside the house. However doctor did x-ray and checked her and told that there is no physical evidence of any pain. Everything is normal.
Is this pain because she has stopped her anti psychotic medicine? Can schizophrenic mind cause body to feel physical pain when in reality there is no physical injury?

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There can be tactile hallucinations that feel like real pain. So that’s a possibility.

Yes, my son will experience pain that is only due to his scz. Sometimes he will have a wrap around an elbow or a knee for a few days, sometimes a few weeks. I believe he feels actual pain. He has had one particularly bad episode where he had a severe headache all day. He did go to the emergency room after about 8 hours. The headache disappeared the moment he walked into the ER.

To answer your question, yes, but it’s all psychological and delusional. Take her to a rheumatologist to discard anything else nonetheless.

Have you asked her why she doesn’t take her antipsychotic medicine at night? I give it to my son as let as possible and it helps him sleep at night and he says he is refreshes in the morning.
Yes, I too think they can have physical pain manifested from their illness.