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Hi from an oldie


This is my first time here for quite a few years. I was wondering if Elda was still here so did a search and did see her name pop up so Hi Elda. I am just in the middle of writing a blog post and was mentioning the recent death of John Nash and his wife and want to direct anyone reading my blog who had a family member to because it was such a wonderful support to me way back in 2001.

Since that time my son has completed a degree and is still studying a language at Uni. The Clozapine has been reduced to more than half the original dose of 600 mg.

Anyway, I just thought I would pop in and say Hi in case any of the oldies were still here. I used to be Aussie Mum but had to sign up again as I couldn’t include spaces in my username apparently. This site has really improved since those days so well done to all who have been involved.



I think I remember you. I hope you and your son are keeping well.


Hi Firemonkey, yes my son is nearly 32 and has been stable for some years on the Clozapine and a small dose of Abilify. He also improved when started on the Biobalance programme which includes taking zinc etc. Coming back here conjures up all those terrible memories of when he was a teen and just getting sick and I wouldn’t be surprised if family memories were diagnosed with PNSD from the stress of living with someone going through a psychosis. We are fortunate in that he has been compliant with his medication from Day1 which I think is half the battle.

On closer inspection I see that Elda hasn’t been here since 2013 so I wonder how her son is going too.

Hope things are going okay for you, Firemonkey.


thought i would say hi.
take care :deciduous_tree:


I’m new but I think it’s great that your son is doing good…sometimes family is all we have.


Hello Elder Organism ,

I Am Within Tha Middle Ground Of Tha Dance Between Life and Death ,

I Am Bored ,

Slightly Young and No Longer Needing To Further Myself Into Tha Rabbit Hole Of ,

Spirituality ,

As An Elder Organism Do You Have Any Advice On As Such As You Have Seen ,

Throo-Out Your Constant Years Of “growing up” (???) ,

Thank You In Advance For Your Reply … .


Hi, all I can say is that my son improved dramatically as soon as he started medication but it took a while to find the right one and the correct dosage. He has been on Clozapine for over 10 years now. He also started on the Biobalance programme and has zinc and Vit.D3 as well which has also helped.

As I mentioned before he has always been meds compliant.