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His suicide attempt may leave him permanently disabled


My fiancé has been hospitalized with delusions twice this year. It’s always county and they just give him meds & send him home. His first episode (although it appears he’s had them before & people just thought it was alcohol) was when he called the police saying his dad had killed his mother. When the cops cleared the house he insisted he heard his dad through the speakers in his truck talking about killing one of them. Now he’s attempted suicide (after going off his meds & not doing his follow up because his dad decided all he really needs to do is stay busy). He’s caused damage to himself that may be permanent. He may never work again. Does anyone know if sz qualifies for social security/disability? I can’t support him as a teacher’s aide.


I’m sorry this has happened. My hb was diagnosed sz in 1996 and has been on Social Security Disability since then. It took awhile but he was able to collect from the time of diagnosis even though the paperwork for Social Security took a while. Hopefully this information helps. Sending virtual hugs.


It definitely does. I’m going to get the process going while we try to get him into a program. His parents are still trying to say it’s just alcohol that is causing this (but he’s been sober when he’s at his worst). They just can’t accept that it’s anything else. He’s also really good at pretending to be ok so it’s easy for them to ignore it. Until now.


Has he been to a Dr and/or been diagnosed with anything yet?


He supposedly has and he’s due for another round of evaluations at this hospital. One nurse at the first hospital gave me the heads up that they had diagnosed sz but my fiancé refuses to accept it (he truly believes his delusions are real so of course the diagnosis is wrong). He was given zyprexa but he decided he didn’t need it. Took about a week before he was back in emergency psych. Now he’s attempted suicide and may have limited use of his hands. He still doesn’t think he needs help.


It can definitely be a challenge knowing what to do, but the doctors should be able to help you get some information. The only thing you might have issues with is getting medical information about your fiancé unless he signs for you to do so. I would see about getting in touch with a local NAMI for more information. This website is also very helpful. I hope he gets the help he needs and don’t forget to take care of yourself, too.