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Hope From Trieste Italy

Has anyone else heard about the World’s Best mental health model in Trieste, Italy? Their outpatient services system is so good tgey don’t need a psychiatric ward. They have one 8 bed 24 hour crisis center with no locks on the doors.
And it’s rarely filled.

Police are not called to intervene when someone is having a crisis, a mental health team comes. Apartments are given to them and nurses and doctors go to the apartment wearing regular clothes to give meds or provide therapy.

There’s a former hospital that is converted into a place where they can get 2 free good meals a day, learn a trade, just socialize, etc. It’s beautiful! And it’s all free due to the free healthcare system there.

Apparently, doctors from around the world go there to study the model and hopefully reproduce it in their own country. LA is trying something like it but LA is too big. Money would have to be earmarked to pay for it. In the long run, with all the social supports it’s cheaper than our system of repeated hospitalizations due to a lack of supports once they leave the hospital.

So I’m studying Italian and leaving in a few months for Trieste. I’m sick of this terrible system - especially after my sons recent hospitalization where they failed to give him his meds for 4 days and he will be there now for 5 weeks while they slowly get him back to his dose.

I’ll write from Trieste and let you all know how it’s going.


How wonderful that you found this system and that you will be able to go there. Please do keep us posted on this thread, I am glad someone somewhere has figured out a great mental health system.

That sounds amazing! I can’t wait to hear more.

I think that’s “Hopendialogue”. A system based on the work of Finnish psychotherapists, “Open Dialogue”. In the USA similar systems are being tried out. e.g. Mary Olson, Institute of dialogical practice.

My son was let down in a similar way regarding meds, he was basically abandoned. For the first time in 26 yrs he was sectioned. I put in a official complaint back at the end of July last year and am still awaiting the response. I’m in the UK…
I think there might be a similar system you refer to in Italy, in the UK. Its called supported living here. Where people live in a block of apartments, they come and go as they please and have carers/nurses on the premises.

I am also very interested. I have been to treiste - 3 years ago- it’s a beautiful . I also think that if that is the approach it sounds great!

Yes the head of DMH is trying it in LA but the city is too big and the resources are not being spent correctly…Let us know how your trip goes…

Please keep us posted as you learn more about this heath care model!

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