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Hospital Negligence

My son took himself to the hospital with increased symptoms. They called me the first night and I gave them his meds and prescribing Dr’s name and number. He quietly laid in the ER for 4 days while waiting for a bed and tgey neglected to give him his Clozaril and only gave him 1/3 of his Depakote. He’s now experiencing
Rebound Psychosis - the worst psychosis he’s ever had - which could last for months of longer.
It’s taken 3 years of being on the bed to get him as well as he had been. So this is a huge setback that could have bern prevented.

He will need a long term rehab facility and the only ones here are self pay. I’vm starting a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for it. My sister is writing it tomorrow as I’m too heartbroken to write it myself.

I know all of you are probably spent out taking care of your loved ones. But would you be willing to share my story on your FB and other social media pages?

You may remember me praising how well the Clozapine has helped my son. Their negligence has set him back years. I’m so sad.

I am so sorry that this happened to your son. It is such a shame that the hospital was not able to continue him on his meds.

I’m so sad for you and your son @Donna1. Your post triggered a memory of my son also laying in the hospital ER waiting for a bed. He laid there quietly for what seemed like an eternity, bothered no one, and of course they acted like he wasn’t there.

I don’t understand why so many hospital staff do not bother or act like they care at all about the sick or the elderly. I don’t know why they’re in healthcare if there is no compassion or empathy. So angry at the thought of it.

I would help you but I do not have go on social media anymore, it just brought me down, and compared to my life, the life of people that I saw on there seemed unattainable for me.

Poor kid, I can’t believe only option is self pay for long term rehab.

I’m SO sorry

Thank you. It was a lonely Christmas.
He’s still in the hospital. I tried transferring him closer to home at a hospital where they know him and his baseline. But insurance would not cover a “same level of care” transfer.

I agree that staff without compassion have no business to be in this field. Can you believe two nurses hung up on me when I asked questions about what dosage they were now giving him? I told them I faxed them my Legal Guardianship paperwork but they said they do not question the Dr’s orders and hung up! Well, I do! These are the people that screwed up! And they don’t know my son’s medical history. This has been a nightmare and I’ve requested an investigation with the State Board of Mental Health. I just wish my son didn’t have to be in THAT hospital.
Worst Christmas ever! Then a friend who insisted on staying with me over Christmas so I wasn’t alone (and is depressed about her upcoming divorce) confided in me that she wanted to commit suicide last week! It’s hard for me to be supportive right now like I usually am.

Update - My son is still in that horrible hospital.
It’s 4 weeks and they say he MAY come home next week - 5 weeks! All because they messed up and didn’t give him his meds! Now they have to slowly increase it.

So now there is a Covid outbreak on the unit. I hope ge doesn’t get it. He has been immune compromised in the past and I am immune compromised.

These are not easy times for anyone but worse for us to have loved ones with this illness during Covid. I hope this year will be better for all.