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How can We help someone Diagnosed with Schizophrenia? Friend

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I know someone that was diagnosed from several doctors with having schizophrenia.
Problem is he refuses help, and won’t leave the house. We can’t force him out, his siblings and I have tried everything to get him to leave.
What options do we have, what can we do?
He’s getting worse by the day!


I’d recommend you look at these:

Read about First Aid for Psychosis:

Review our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

A big issue is how old is he? If he’s over 18 (depending upon the rules in exactly the area you live) it gets harder to get them into treatment.

My son had SZ symptoms psychosis 3 months ago. That’s scared me a lot. His symptoms were induced by weeds/spice smoking. He stayed in hospital for 8 days. Medical bills are still coming now. The prescription is 3mg Risperdal daily.

He came home and the positive and negative symptoms are still existed. The medicine help him a lot but not 100% recovery.
I started to give him Sarcosine 2 grams and after 24 hours he told me that he had started to overcome the terrible feeling eventually.

His Risperdal been tapered off to 0.25mg by pdoc now and expecting off in 10 days. He is applying jobs and want to back school now. And knew the prices of smoking weeds/spice.

The supplements he took everyday as follow but it may not work for everyone.

Sarcosine 2 grams-------CNS
Berberine 500mg x 3--------PNS
NAC 500mg x 3
B vitamin families------Gray/White Matter
Magnesium 500mg
Fish Oil
Niacin 500mg

***** You must avoid all supplements which can increase/stimulate Dopamine*****

Interesting - I’ve not heard of this. This sounds like something he’s taking to help reduce risk of diabetes - is that correct?

How long has he been taking these supplements?