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How do i help my mum? in her advancing age?


I have lived with her as an adult
she has been my best friend for so many years
she is 76 and has a cough and is really exhausted
she smokes

i’m trying to get her to a visit to GP doctor

otherwise though
as a grown up and relatively well person recovering from Sz
as she gets older
how can i not go to her as a first thing for any problems?

i have told her everything for so long
a few years ago i asked her if i should keep some things to myself
it didn’t last
i think if i mention any niggle she goes out of her mind with worry
i really need to give her space to grow old
i don’t have friends
i have husband mother and sister and a new therapist

what can i do
i suffer from huge
lack of motivation
it’s difficult even to take her bin out sometimes

God that makes me sound like an awful human being
I’ve told her a lot to push me and ask me to do things

i also need to use my head

Each of us just has to do the best we can.

It doesn’t mean we have to be perfect, or even nearly right all the time.

We just do the best we can. And if sometimes that means doing nothing, or just talking, well, that’s OK.