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Struggling to help

My mum suffers with schizophrenia I am 21. She is very agitated and believing people are out to get her eg police and family, currently the doctors come out and and she shows a face that she is fine and they go away I can’t seem to get any help at all this has been happening for 5 years now … and she only gets help when she is hospitalised … I’m struggling very hard to deal with the situation… definitely no help at all
Why does it always happen this time of the year too!
She’s so cleaver at acting like everything ok when it isn’t and I don’t no what to do anymore…
When she says the same thing every time she’s ill people are out to get her and she wants to see a solicitor I can’t help because she keeps it all in doesn’t tell me a thing :sleepy:

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@Sophiegalls I am so sorry, how old is your mum? Was she normal before 5 years ago?

I’m so sorry but I notice the seasonality of this illness also. It is definitely cyclical.