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How do us caregivers get through the day and not feel so alone?

Sometimes I get burned out and I go to movies by myself or play keno…I feel so alone @ times…feel like im doing it alone.I try to be positive but its hard…I guess my next step is a support group so we can relate w/ each other since my family don`t want to hear another word…I wish there were some kind of functions family and loved ones so we can meet people in our area…How do you get through the day?

A support group sounds like a great idea. I used to go to family group therapy for a year. It was my family and two other families… I looked forward to it.

good on you for being a caregiver :heart_eyes:
take care :alien:

I feel your pain and loneliness. I’ve tried to find a support group, but there aren’t any in my area. I’ve only been in this group for a few days, and it had really helped me! Just knowing there are so many others going thru the same thing makes me feel that there is hope and that I’m not totally alone! This has become my support group! Feel free to pm me if you ever just want to talk!

You are not alone. There are more people out there than you know having the same kinds of situations.
A support group would definitely help! Anyone that you can get on board with you would helpful.
reach out to social services for therapy, or other groups.
I went through being alone for SO many years until my sisters starting chiming in for the last 3 years. It has made all the difference in the world.
I have also started doing a lot of work on myself—trying to see all of this in a different light-so I`m not always overreacting, or waiting for the next crisis.
This is also making a big difference and helping me–which is also having an effect on my son.
You are not alone OO

Join a support group. I go to therapy. At the therapist knows what I’m talking about!

If you are on Facebook you may enjoy this group. It’s not just parents of young children but of all ages and the members are very supportive.

Totally understand.I could have wrote that letter. I had to pick my daughter up from school again today. 13 more days till summer vacation and I can’t wait. She is having a real rough time of things. If I were rich, I’d buy a mountain and let her be happy in her own little world !!! Wouldn’t hurt my outlook on life either.

I totally understand I’ve wanted to be part of a support group but came on here …I got really down about my bf who has sz and he wants us to be just friends …I’m usually a real positive person this whole thing has brought me down. .but being able to speak here has made a positive impact. …so we can all support each other. .

I thought once how can a lion locked up in a cage at a zoo survive without it’s natural territorial instincts of being free to establish. In order for the lion to adjust to this rather cruel and unusual punishment for the sake of making profits (sorry got of track) but in order to survive the unjust imprisonment, the lion would have to develop the ability to connect with the world apart from himself physically but in many other ways is still so connected to like with the sunlight filtering down on him through the foliage of the single tree there in the cage with him. If we knew how connected everything really is we would probably miss having our own unconnected happy place where we find peace of mind where in we couldn’t find that same peace yet in the world connection we have through the commonality of connections like the air we breath.

Thanks everyone for responding!!!

Thank you very much Barbie BF I joined fb schizophrenia group…

Thanks for the link. I joined this also.

Another group is:

I recently joined it. The owner is diagnosed and give good insight. He wrote a book ‘Together, Through Flames’ that is on Amazon however he has posted it to the group for members.

Nice! Thank you, I joined too.

There are days that I think it is almost easier for my husband. He gets ALL of the attention. He has all of the family - the world revolves around him. I am all alone and nobody is here to support me. I am ALONE in the world. Just here to serve him. I want to disappear - just get in my car and drive to New Mexico.

Those are perfectly normal reactions. Sometimes we all feel that way, but most of us here really don’t want to give up. Remember you are your own best friend. Maybe you can’t go somewhere, but what can you do for yourself at home that really makes you happy? Reach out to others. Even if you have to get a little out of your comfort zone. Text a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time. You get the idea. Love yourself because being a caretaker is one of the most noble things anyone can do. There are caretaker blogs that are encouraging, and Guideposts has an article every month about being a caretaker. And last Always accept any help you are offered!

Same problem here. I cant find a support group in my area either. I was thinking of starting one, but there is so little information I know that I could share and I’m pretty shy in groups of people anyway. This website is really helping me. I’ve gotten more support since I joined than I have in six years. :blush:

I do some work to get through the day,it can also stop me from thinking too much