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Schizophrenia is a lonely disease

I’m realizing more and more how lonely this illness is. My daughter has hardly anyone to talk to, and my husband and I don’t have anyone to talk to but each other.

After such a hopeful week last week, my daughter has been experiencing some distressing hallucinations. I feel very helpless, and just hate watching on the sidelines as she tries to cope with it. I am just overwhelmed with the sense of loneliness for her. It’s like I’m there for her, but I’m outside a window looking in.

I am so grateful for this forum.


I’m grateful for this forum too. It is a lonely illness to have, I have it. I wish you the best.

She’s lucky to have you. It is very lonely, although in some places there are support groups. Have you searched online for groups? I absolutely rely on this forum for understanding ears.

So, give your daughter the forum web address!
Maybe you can find a support group or another activity you can join in together?

I would suggest trying to be supportive of her and listening…maybe even giving some input…at least that’s what I wish my family would do…they just say of she’s having a hard time and she’ll be better soon… I know their worried and care but they don’t show it…I believe it’s because they don’t want me to feel worse… But hearing that care not just knowing it makes all the difference to me…

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I’ve snooped around in the Diagnosed area, and I think she’s a bit young for some of the conversation there. I have looked a little into the NAMI groups that are nearby, but so far I haven’t seen one that meets at a time that we could go. I’ll admit, I am also a little intimidated to go, too.

It is lonely. Even with good support from my partner and my parents (who live far far away), it is still lonely.

Maybe try taking your daughter out for a coffee or to a shop just for an hour or so and have a break from everything. I hope that’s not rotten advice, but Mum does that with me, when I am visiting her we will just go out for a coffee or make a coffee at home and talk about something other than my schizophrenia, hallucinations etc.

I’m with you, this forum is the best thing to happen to me in recent times.

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I feel like most of the time that’s about all I can do. We spend a lot of nights just sitting in the living room letting her talk about it, since nights are the worst for her.

I’m sorry your family doesn’t listen. I bet they do worry about making you feel worse. I know I always worry about what helps her, or doesn’t. That’s why I appreciate all of you and your input so much.

That’s great advice. I do take her out for milkshakes, and I know she really looks forward to it.

That’s really brilliant then. I’m happy to read she looks forward to getting out and doing things, that’s actually a really tough mountain to climb.

Maybe there is a mh clubhouse near you and her. I’m grateful I have one here in town

It’s really lonely and disturbing

For the past four months,things had been so hard for me that I literally cry once every two day.My mood is also bad,I don’t know how to turn things around but I’ll just continue my way of life and not stressed out

Thought for the day: Maybe let’s not crowd Family and Caregivers out of their own forum? Diagnosed have their own area and shouldn’t be posting here.


(Wearing moderator hat)

No pressure, but if you are ever able to find a NAMI meeting, please give it a try. I felt so alone until I went to my first one. Now, I don’t know what I would do without my NAMI family. They have helped me through the worst of times.


With all due respect @pixel, the feedback I’ve found most valuable have come from those diagnosed. I’ve had experience with a harsh comment from time to time, but we have some pretty great moderators here :wink: and personally, I like how things have been going lately. I know there has to be a line, but just thrown’ in my two.

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As both a family member and a person with diagnoses, I guess I just don’t see the divide when people are providing support to one another in the family section.

I read these as both a family member and an MI diagnosed person; the majority of posters in “family” give great insights, advice, and authentic sharing.

I understand where the urging for boundaries comes from and yes agree that “diagnosed” forum should not be invaded by family members, but out here in “family”, there is no way to distinguish one compassionate, caring person from another. And IRL people with diagnoses truly are our family members, people we wish we could relate with better. Family members need and appreciate “diagnosed” input, in my opinion, just an opinion and not meant to cause or further any divides.

I love the forums and will do whatever to keep them peaceful, welcoming, safe places.

And yes, with much respect to you @pixel who has been on the forums much longer and understands more.

I learned in my time with mental illness that there are times of loneliness and togetherness. Maybe it is the time to sort yourself out on your own.Which is difficult at the time. For me its lonely as noone experience the illness with its delusion imaginations and so on. Maybe try to express yourself in art like music, painting, writing etc… Doing these things you need time on your own anyway but there are artgroups as well.

It is indeed a very lonely disease every time im surrounded by people i start to feel weird and feel like i don’t belong and don’t understand people and feel like neither they understand me and often i just don’t listen to what they say not on purpose but cause im just living insude my head and can’t get involved with others and this is why i always just avoid company because im scared to explain my situation

I believe loneliness is what destroys people not their ilnesses

Ur not alone…