You are not alone

An article on NAMI:

Coping With the Thought of Fighting Alone

I was diagnosed with schizoaffective in 1999. I was suffering mood swings, delusions and hallucinations about evil spirits. I felt like I was very much alone. There are times I still do think I’m uniquely singled out to suffer.

But thru the help of NAMI and other supports groups available to me at my mental health behavior provider, I see clearly the focus doesn’t have to be on myself anymore. Many people come to the meetings and get to share their struggles, which are a lot like mine. The meds help me a thousand times over, as well as pastoral care, counseling and case management. When I struggle now with feeling like I’m alone, I usually am able to use some of the skills I’ve learned within the support to realize I am not alone. For example, Cognitive Behavior Therapy has rewired my thought processes in a positive way, bringing hope and confidence, which both bring balance and happiness to my life.

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