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How do you talk with your family member when they're being delusional?


Hey terrific heroes and heroines,

Our son is moving into an independent living facility and we’re worried that his delusions will get him into trouble. What works to get someone to get the therapy and medicine help for sz heroes?



This is a good overview,

I also recommend you review the series of videos by Xavier Amador, and perhaps his book too:


The book is:


I read the book and I think it’s right on. Right now our son is angry and in a independent living home. We had him arrested when he held a knife to his Dad’s throat. I think I need to be patient and let this happen at Alex’s speed and let him be on his own in this independent living situation for a few weeks. We let him come home this past weekend but then he was speaking disrespectfully to us big time. I think it’s time for new rules where we don’t let that happen and he may end up staying on his own. It’s interesting and challenging for families to figure out how much of our lives need to be centered only on our mentally ill loved one. I’ve been married to this wonderful guy for 38 years but this is challenging our marriage. I’m going to go with the advice from the marriage counselor. We don’t have to have the same limits about what is okay for us. I’m going to give him space and slowly, with these techniques, we can figure out how to have a new and better relationship. My son is such a special person and this sucks that this has happened to him.

Hugs and love to all