How long does it take to get SSI

Does anyone know just how long it takes to get SSI. My daughter applied for SSI disability and it was denied. We waited 90 days for that decision. An appeal has just been filed and will take up to 30 days before a decision is made. If the appeal in denied, then she needs to get a lawyer and appear before a judge.
I was just wondering how many people have needed a lawyer for disability and if a judge was involved. It seems like it’s going to take a long time for the disability to be approved, if it ever is approved.
This is so frustrating. Her dad left a long time ago and does not want anything to do with her and I have to take only work from home because I don’t want to leave her alone and the last job was only a seasonal job that just ended. Money is getting very, very tight and I so want to be able to be here for her at home.


I knew at least a dozen people here in Ohio that have applied including myself for my son…the ones doing it on their own report that it can take a year or 2-sometimes longer. The ones using a Social Security attorney report that it takes 3 or 4 months max. The attorneys get paid from the retro retro pay (the monies due since the time when it was determined your daughter could not work because of of her illness) then the attorney gets about 27% of that. The rest of the retro pay and all future monies go to your daughter or her rep payee. I am not sure if this varies from state to state but here…it is obvious that the Social Security attorneys have an “in” with SSI that the average individual does not. I took my denial letter to a social security attorney and it took less than 4 months before we had SSI payments (and Medicaid) coming in. good luck.

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