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Has anyone had to appear before an administrative law judge and how long did it take to get the hearing?

Hi all. My daughter and I are now in the process of looking for an SSI lawyer. I thought it would be easy, but here in Tennessee most of the lawyers only handle SSDI. Daughter has never been able to keep a job very long and does not have enough work credits for SSDI. I got a referred to the national organization of SS claimant representative and called them several times and they never did answer the phone. We do have a consultation with one lawyer later this week. The next step is a hearing with an administrative law judge. I have read articles online that say it can take up to 2 years before we get a hearing with the judge. The waiting is so stressful. I don’t think it is safe to leave the house and work due to all the side effects and med changes she is going through. She is on Medicaid but over the last few years my assets have been exhausted. We sell anything we can in our home to make ends meet and I am trying to sell my home and downsize to a much smaller one. I don’t know why SSI can’t see, we need help desperately and don’t know how we are going to make it financially. How does anyone make it until SSI is finally approved? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Can she apply for SNAP benefits (foodstamps) to help make ends meet?

What’s the current scenario? Is your SSI approved yet? Discussing the issue with the lawyer would make things easier. An SSI Lawyer can present a convincing closing argument for your case. With an attorney your application has a better chance of getting approved. Surf the websites like this to find a suitable and trustworthy lawyer, who may help you.