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How long till invega works?

I’m thinking my wife needs injections due to non compliant. If a med doesnt work in a month she quit

Everyone is different. With my daughter it was fairly quickly she also still took lithium

@SueML does fairly quickly mean within hours or weeks?

Christina was introduced to it while she was hospitalized and she was still taking lithium. With Chris I would say within a couple of weeks. She reacts very quickly to meds – the same when she goes off them… She will be manic within 2 days.
But everyone is different as I said. I’m so sorry you are going through this. It’s terrible for everyone. I would love to open a community much like the ones that they are building now for retirees… like some towns etc… But the difference with the one I would design would be that it would be for families with a mentally ill family member who may actually not live with them but in another living situation nearby-- their own apartment, group setting etc… There would be many opportunites for those afflicted to meet others-- support groups, mentoring etc… same for the family members… it works… Good luck

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