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How people who have schizophrenia feel


How people with schizophrenia feel on daily basis, when they on medication and everything seems fine on outside. What do they feel inside?


I feel alays feel alone.


I feel horrible. There’s no day where I don’t experience some turmoil: suicidal thoughts, disorganized thoughts, hallucinations, delusions, emotional flatness, sadness, fear, anxiety, apathy.

And yes this is on medication. And I do well at playing fine.


I am very responsive to my meds. When I am medicated, I feel just like any other person, probably. When stressful things happen, I feel a little overwhelmed, but I can still function. I cry a lot at things that upset me. I get excited about happy things.

When I was over-medicated, I felt nothing. Ever.

When I am under-medicated, I tend to have episodes of intense fear and panic, that can drive me right to the ER. I get worried that every man I see is a rapist, and I can’t stand having people standing out of my field of vision. Then, other days. I feel totally reckless and just want life to be a nonstop party. Every stranger is my new best friend, and the world is made of rainbows.


Depends on the day and my mood. Though usually I feel lonely and disconnected plus whatever mood I’m in. Even when things are as well as can be expected, it’s still not easy. It’s hard to relate to other people and most days I don’t leave the house, so social interaction is minimal at best. Even when I do get out I don’t interact with people. So the loneliness and disconnected feeling persists.


I feel weak. I feel incomplete.


Cold, empty. Like I could just use a hug, but even if one came I’d still feel like I’m in a dark corner. But I fight, every second I fight internally to find some light.


alone, isolated, disconnected, distorted, contorted, misplaced, lost, wild, unguided, bored, crazy, depressed & addicted to smokes.


I have schizophrenia.I used to feel awful everyday even when I am on antipsychotic.I believe I have grown out of that phase,now j feel much more closer to normal but I would say it takes hard work and support for me to reach where I am now,I am confident I wouldn’t drop back if I continue to put in work and move forward


This is how I feel…


I swing between depression, feelings of happiness because I know I can live with this and anxiety. Very moody…


I feel demoralized at times. I do have some hope, but it is a hope on something way off in the future. Really, in the final analysis, my illness is just a great big bore - to be so overwhelmed by things that are really nothing. I know it’s a bore, and that the things that bother me are basically meaningless, but I can’t stop being bothered by them.


Depends on a day, but sometimes I feel loneliness.


Thank you a lot, I try my best to entertain him, funny stories, pictures, I have a website, all to make him happy, does it make difference


I feel I feel with a sense of resilience. My whole life I have been miserable, but I have just accepted that as the way it is. Now my medication is finally at the right dose and I feel like I never realized how miserable I was. I just accepted that’s the way it’s supposed to be my whole life.

If I had cancer it wouldn’t compare to SZ or SZA. I told my mom that psychotic disorders are the worst thing and she said “What about cancer? Would you like to have cancer?” And i said “Maybe I wish I did have cancer, that way I would be dying.”

I don’t feel that way anymore. But I’ve felt that way many a times in the past.

To answer your question, it makes a slight difference but don’t expect them to jump for joy at your kind attempts at entertaining him. You are a kind person for doing all that, but at certain stages in this illness, we may be very tough to please. I’m still pretty flat effect when I’m presented with a gift or something like that.


Anxious and now paranoia has made a return after being absent for a while. Incapable of doing anything complicated, that others might take for granted.


Thanks to all of you who are sharing their experience.


I feel like I’m in limbo a lot. Like I’m a ghost or something


I’m actually fine, mentally, just not where I want to be physically. I have hyper-manic dreams that shock me back into reality & when I go for walks I am hyper-sensitive to the visual aesthetics of nature (light, colors, details, sound) that I am sometimes overwhelmed by the beauty of it all and will start weeping.

This is med-free, by the way. While medicated I noticed no difference with symptoms & was overburdened by painful side effects.


When I was on zyprexa, I felt sad and to debilitaded and tranquilized to do anything about it. Lots of melancholy aswell.