How quickly do I need to move to close out son's apartment?

Advice needed: This is my second post for a new topic. The hospital will not speak to me about his apartment or acknowledge he is there. I think this is now a good thing for my future relationship with my son. I have to the end of the month to find advice on what to do? I think I need to give notice at the end of the month. What do you think?

I really don’t know what advice to give. Maybe when you see your son on the weekend you could try discussing what is happening with him. Let him know that because you do not have access to his treatment you don’t know how to proceed with his apartment. I’m guessing that SSI will not continue to cover the rent if he is inpatient so really it would be up to you if you want to continue covering it. Wishing you all the best in this difficult decision.

You mean he’s getting kicked out? Don’t most places require 30 day notice? OR are YOU yourself moving? Not sure If I understand the problem or what you’re trying to say.

I think it is my repondable to move him out. Give his landlady 30 day notice on January 1st. I am at the point that if I love him he will be much better off NOT living alone. Mostly for himself, he can not feed himself, wash, clean, vacuum, last hospitalizion I had to take a wet dry vac to 4 inches of long hair. What I have seen is terrible. He needs someone to retrain him to cook, clean etc. He won’t even let me do it unless he is hospitized. I am almost 60 years old and my health is not good, all my life I have suffered from depression and anxiety.
I want to visit him, take him on rides and take photos, go on hikes etc. I do not feel I am healthy enough to take him grocery shopping and pay his bills anymore.

Is he aware that he is sick? Can he see that he is failing at (at least for now) at living independently? Does he realize he needs help?

No he does not realize he is sick. He believes he works for the FBI. Last time I saw him he said he needed to get out of the hospital and go to Italy and become the pope. He also says "Congratulate me, I just graduated for such and such University, adding another degree and or book to his life’s work. Do you think he should live alone? I just heard from the hospital social worker. She states in a message left on my machine that my son has given her limited basis to contact me in regards to rep payee, his apartment. He has been living alone outside the state hospital 11 years. All he did for the last 12 months is complain about his life and his hatred for his apartment. His landlady now knows how ill my son is because he came to her to complain about the man that was throwing goose eggs at this roof apartment. I am afraid my son will hurt my husband.