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How to move to a new assisted living facility out of state- Florida

Hi, I was fortunate enough to find a good mental health hospital form my 25 year old son, in Missouri for a short term stay (3 weeks) - med adjustment and detox from drug use. That was 2 1/2 years ago. That facility was affiliated with an ok assisted living facility (reasonable cost). They transported him 3 times per week for a year to an out patient program at the hospital. It is in a little rural town with nothing else to do. He is doing well and wants try and work. There is no where to work and no public transportation to get him there. He depends on others for rides and I provide gas money.

I want to move him to the Tampa area near his sister. I am finding it hard to find an assisted living facility that will take him where he is and help him grow to be more independent ( take the bus, do his own laundry, etc.). He thankfully is ready for more.

I can’t bring him home due to the prior drug use (drug connections still here) and they just legalized pot here too.

Any recommendations for affordable places ( on SSDI) in the Tampa area and how long it takes to get on Medicaid in Florida? I also heard that the department of aging (I know he is young) also has housing subsidies. Anyone get one of them for their child in Florida?

thanks for your help.

I recommend you contact the local TAMPA NAMI offices - they may have some leads for you.

Thanks. I have emails into the 3 NAMI’s in the 3 surrounding counties. Someone will tell me of a fabulous place I am sure. I am happy to share the contacts I have in Missouri.

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Contact social services in the area too.
Sounds like he may need a case manager to help him with everything–including his health insurance.

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Thank you. I goggled a list of assisted living facilities in several towns and used the yellow pages searching for mental health assisted living. I am here in Florida now and have seen several very different facilities. Most of the community behavior health systems were 6-9 weeks out to see a doctor!!! but I did find a facility with doctors on board that come to the facility! I am moving him there next month… NAMI was very helpful… most state agencies won’t talk to me till he moves to their state. Thanks for all your ideas and support. I have lots to share with others moving to the Tampa area. Please let me know how I can help.

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