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How to Respond in a Helpful Manner to a person with disturbing beliefs


This is a good short paper on how to respond helpfully to people’s strange or unusual beliefs that they may tell you about. This is developed for mental health professionals, but is valuable for family members and anyone who deals with people who may have psychosis:

Responding therapeutically to disturbing beliefs

Also - attached below:

Responding to disturbing beliefs - handout (1).pdf (46.0 KB)

Do I tell my son his thoughts aren't real?
Weird Experience and want to know what he is thinking
Appeasing him without agreeing directly

This is quite useful to give me some ideas for responses when my son is highly upset by his delusions and texting me.


I missed this when it was originally posted - glad it got bumped to the top!


I have been using the suggestions - so nice to have new ways to say things.


Thanks for posting this


Thanks I adopt these having learned in family therapy but due to being a human being I forget at times and good to refresh .


For me it was nice to have some changes to the usual LEAP approach. I do some positive reality testing in our texts these days. Just simple stuff that doesn’t challenge what he is saying.


I would add taget="_blank" to the document, but the paper was excellent and more people need to read it.


Merci beaucoup for this very helpful paper!

Blessings from Vermont


I’m printing this now! When my son told me he was the highest angel, I could have used some advice, to say the least!


Found it!! And I completed 3 year re-evaluation paperwork this afternoon, 3 chewy caramels covered in dark chocolate as a reward for myself.

@hope4us - this a good read.


Yes, this is the one I was thinking of.



Thank you so much! Congrats on the paperwork completion…and on limiting yourself to 3 caramels. I’m afraid stress is not helping my diet right now.