I'm new! Need some advice!

Hi, My name is Jennifer. I have a boyfriend (David) of almost 7 years and the father of both of my children. (3 y/o and 1 y/o). The first “episode” we encountered was after the ultrasound of our first son in 2012. (he had prior episodes before we met that i never knew about). and from then on it happens almost every year and if bad, lasts up to 2 months. I dont know much about schizophrenia, i try to look into it but it is so complicated and different with each person. The Biggest problem with David, is that he is and i feel will always be in complete denial. He doesnt think anything is wrong with him, and he needs to just sleep (which he cant). He wanders the neighborhood all night (which is not safe in his condition and where we live). In the past 4-5 weeks I have had to call 911 to hospitalize him 3 times. They are treating him with “Ambilify” and “depacote” which didnt help the first time, so he went from 15mg to 25mg the second time, and now 35mg of ambilify and no difference! I am beyond angry, hes been on rispodal, haldol, and another one that worked better! why are they keeping him on this medication thats not helping him? For the 3rd time in the same hospital? My question is has anyone known of anyone to take “ambilify” for schizophrenia and work? I know the medication needs time, but hes been on it for a month, or do I have to wait for the higher dosage to work? Sorry for my all over the place post! Thanks in advance -Jen

If his psychotic episode only lasts 2 months max, it doesn’t sound as if he has sz. Perhaps he has bipolar or sza and has been misdiagnosed. Has he ever tried a mood stabilizer such as lithium or lamictal? Those do wonders for bipolar people. I’d suggest looking up some of the symptoms of bipolar disorder and see if any of them seem to match his behavior better.

thank you, I didnt know people with bipolar hear voices to the point they block out reality

hes been on none of those. just depacote

At the extremes bipolars can lose touch with reality. Have gotten a second opinion about your bf before? There’s a lot of shitty psychiatrists out there and finding a good one can be a challenge.

hes been to 4 different hospitals in our area, he thinks hes a soldier and people are shooting at him. thats bi polar? or telling me to hide my kids because the devil is coming? im sorry thats not bipolar

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no doctor so take what I say with a grain of salt. But I’m pretty sure that a psychotic episode must last for atleast 6 months to get a sz dx. It’s more likely he has schizoaffective (sza).

hanging out the windows is not bi polar

It depends on the duration of the psychosis and his other symptoms. Bipolars psychosis can be just as strange as sz’s. I thought mormon CIA agents implanted probes into my brain and were using them to control me. Then i decided a nuclear war was imminent and that I was the messiah. But it only lasted 3 days.

All the hospitals dx’d him as sz?

Btw the reason i suggested that perhaps it was bipolar is that you mentioned he can’t sleep and roams the streets. When a bipolar is heading towards mania it’s common for them to go a week without sleeping and not be able to sit still. I’m unsure about sz tbh.

Hello Jen

What is Davids past, this sounds to me he is remembering back at a time of trauma during this time of year and is being triggered by depression. Do these episodes happen at the same time each year in the spring?


no he doesnt roam for mama, he already trashed a car with spikes, new and evrything

hi powsey, yes he does he recentlyly told me he was molested and i know he lived on the street

Hi JenMarie,

Contact you local NAMI chapter or NAMI national today! They have the help you need and the answers you seek. It doesn’t matter what the diagnosis is named. You BF has a psychotic disorder. You need lots of support. He should be hospitalized while the docs adjust his meds. Not all meds work for everyone. There are still many to try. My son did excellent on Serequil XR. But it took time. There is hope but it’s a long road, a lot depends on the persons willingness to be medication adherant but until he is stabilized he won’t understand that.

Take care

yes he recently told me he was molested, it seems to happen every tear this time

thats why hes in the hospital. i didnt have 48 hours for him to go

Hello Jen

This was what I thought as I read your opening post, I am sorry he is having this problem. When this time of the year comes around he sinks into depression and he starts to fall inside himself inside his mind. He is not able to let these thoughts go and starts to ask questions within himself this is how he is finding the voices. He needs to seek counseling and try to come to terms with what has happened to him.


in called that number, the just tell me how to keep him calm

thats what im trying to do, hes normally a hard working welder, perfecty normal. than he changes jobs, and hes in the hospital

im not her for reassurance, im here for support.