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Huge amount of medication


invega sustenna 234mg shot
zyprexa 20mg
haldol 5mg
Risperdal 3mg
Depakote 1000mg
clonazepam 2mg

Looks like that is a huge huge amount of medicine. The latest out of these has been the addition of zyprexa 20mg and haldol 5mg because he had been showing symptoms.
I am starting to look in the other direction now and am scared to say that may be this is not the right choice. Probably clozapine or prolixin is the answer for him. But I have not been able to talk to the doctor. I had high hopes from monthly shot. And also keeping his non compliance in mind that was a good choice. Opinions please? Has anybody else taken this much medication.


I would be concerned as well. A couple of those are mood stabilizers, but to be on that many anti-psychotics is unusual - I’m guessing the risperdal is an oral support to the Invega. That is not uncommon.

My son’s doctor will not prescribe multiple APs at one time, as he feels there is not evidence that it is more effective.

fwiw, my son has been on every one of those individually, and is now on clozaril. We do not have a goal for him to be asymptomatic - at this point the goal is to be stable, without recurring hospitalizations, and so far he is successful in that. I think my son’s symptoms could lessen if/when his insight increases. Clozaril is only available orally, but my son has been compliant, and shows no need for mood stabilizers. It is a very simple regimen - one pill in the morning, one at night. We are looking forward to reaching the 6 month point when bloodwork is reduced to bi-weekly.

I also instituted a SMALL DAILY allowance of spending money (rather than a single lump sum at intervals) for each day that goes well. I manage that by using on-line transfers.


Thanks for your reply Vallpen. I have sent a mail to the conservator with my concern. I will let everybody know how it goes.


Here are the typical dosages of antipsychotic medications: