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I am asking some guidance

My niece is 27 and diagnosed with bipolar disorder about two years back. She has been on meds for about a year but then stopped it due to her pregnancy and side effects. My opinion is although she has been hospitalized once, she still has little to zero insight into her problem.
I have suggested that she joins a support group and also an online forum. What I ask of you guys is…can you recommend any forums for someone with bipolar disorder?

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I am not a user there, but it looks genuine. Best wishes.

Thanks @Plumber . I’ll check it out.

DBSA runs both online and in person support groups. They are well regarded.

Thank you very much I’ll have a look at it. You see the thing is my sister can’t handle my niece anymore. I had lunch with my sister today and she cried and cried about her daugther’s demands and MI. I told her that I got a lot of insight and support from an online forum and that I always get support when needed most so I suggest my niece channel some of her dependencies onto a support group and online forum in order to see if that won’t help to give my sister some relief. My niece have not worked in two years and have a one year old baby. My niece can be so nice but so moody. She get all these in intrusive thoughts to harm her baby or to stab someone with a knife and stuff like that.
Maybe some of you have other advice apart from an online forum and local support group. The forum can be something like which cater globally for members since we live in South Africa. As far as the support group goes I’ll find something local.