Instrested in having a monthly

Support group where we meet Live for an hour on a monthly or biweekly basis via . If there is something in place for this please direct me or let me know if you would be interested and I will look into creating a biweekly zoom.

i could use it


@JeydasMoM I’m thinking you’re not getting much of a response because most people who have been dealing with a family member with SZ for a while are more or less burned out and just want a lower key experience, like this message board. My 2 cents…

NAMI has a weekly family support group that meets weekly. You can look up the one in your area and see which day they meet. In FL it’s on zoom. There is one other that I can’t remember off the top of my head. If I remember it I’ll circle back.


Hello JeydasMom,

I joined a support group thru SZ & Psychosis Action Alliance ( website). Please go to website and sign up for suppport group under “get involved”. My support group currently meets biweekly on Saturday afternoons at 4pm central time via Zoom. It’s a small group that started meeting a few months ago. It’s a great group of people from a variety of backgrounds. Next meeting is Sept 9. Hope to see you there. Take care.


Where are you located? I’m interested and was thinking of starting a group in my area or virtually. My son just got out of the hospital today after a month.

Wildflower alliance. You have to email and contact them to get links for it but meetings mon and thurs i believe.

@AllthingsRpossible, please reply to @JeydasMoM. She wants to start a weekly Zoom meeting.