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I am lost and new to this

Hello everyone, my son was diagnosed 2 months ago and I am overwhelmed. He takes his meds but also has depression and anxiety so how is the meds not addressing all his issues. What is the purpose of the meds if he still has the symptoms of schizophrenia?

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Welcome, @Inez_CedenoSmith.

If your son is just taking anti-psychotic medication, it only helps with the symptoms like delusions and hallucinations… it doesn’t do much for depression or anxieties.

My daughter was diagnosed in February and she is is on haldol. As soon as she started she stopped hearing her voices. She still felt a lot of anxiety and she is on buspar as well. Now she feels she has better control over the anxieties.

Talk with the psychiatrist (or have your son do it) to discuss the depression and anxieties.

Also there are natural ways to help the negative symptoms as well.

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My daughter needs an antipsychotic, mood stabilizer, anti-anxiety, and an antidepressant to remain stable.

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Sometimes it is a long road to find the correct medicine combination and address the behaviors. Try and find a parent support group where your son goes for therapy- it helps! Hang in there!! :slight_smile:

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