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Mom of adult son with Schizophrenia going thru depression dealing with the system and lack of help

Help me understand. Help me know what to do.

My son developed his mental illness from being in the military. Normal, intelligent, kind, loving child and now he hears voices, he cant make decisions, cant work, having serious psychotic episodes. BUT THERE IS NO HELP. Treatment for a week then back out with the same.

What do I do?

I am so sorry you and your son are going through this. This forum is a really helpful place! I have learned so much here.

What helped my son the most was finding a really good outpatient psychiatrist who has experience with psychosis and will really listen and make adjustments. In my son’s case, we tried a lot of doctors who didn’t have much experience with cases like him, partly because he was an adolescent and everyone said depression or ADHD, which was wishful thinking, probably.

I started calling the heads of departments at Columbia and Weill Cornell hospitals. I finally got the name of an amazing practice in Manhattan. This turned my son’s life around and I wish I had done this years earlier. He does his appointments virtually.

I’m not sure if this will be helpful to you, but for my son the right doctor was everything. If your son would agree to a monthly injection, that seems to work for lots of family members here. My son ended up on Clozapine, which if other medicines don’t work can be amazing. Even with medication, it’s not like before, but manageable.

Is your son willing to sign a release so that his psychiatrist, etc. can talk to you?

Sending positive thoughts. This is such a horrible disease, but this group is a good place to be.

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An outpatient psychiatrist, and a therapist meds a job turns the corner… deep breath

I feel great empathy as I read your words.

My 50- year-old son who lives in a group home has yet to find a psychiatrist/doctor that he trusts in the mental health system he is in. There are kind and knowledgeable people on staff there. He says he hates them all the time.

He has periods of great anger, blaming me for his horrible life. I have to set boundaries on our messages because he becomes verbally abusive.

After a period of silence, there is much apologizing and we start communicating again.

This forum is better support/comfort/info. than the docs.

Greetings from Vermont


My best thoughts are with you. What a journey

Hard to witness a loved one struggling year after year after year.

Merci beaucoup for your response.

Blessings from Vermont

Thank you for your son’s service to our country. He has been very brave and I am so sorry he’s now suffering. My grandfather served in WW2 and after the war he had ptsd, attempted suicide, and endured electric shock “therapy”. Our veterans and military personnel should be recognized for their valiant efforts and I deeply appreciate what your son gave for us all.
Mental illness is the most tragic illness in my opinion, it’s so misunderstood even now in the 21st century. NAMI helped me a great deal when my son was first diagnosed with his condition. I went to meetings called friends and family, it was extremely helpful. Please google NAMI in your area, they are people who have loved ones with mental illness and are very kind. As someone mentioned it’s surprising how much the medical community isn’t up to speed with serious mental illness. You may encounter doctors, nurses, counselors who have never treated a patient with schizophrenia. Don’t be discouraged, if you keep at it you’ll find there are professionals out there that can help. If you happen to live in the northeast, McLean hospital in Belmont, MA is world renowned for treating mentally ill patients and they accept most insurance. Don’t give up, you and your son are brave and strong.,.,

Have to get him to a psychiatrist to get medication. Medication is key. Try to get a DNA test. Some dont know about it, so keep searching and asking for. Get SSI, if you dont have it, for income, can apply by phone or online. Get free medicaid, and SNAP food stamps.
The DNA test will tell which meds your son can take and which ones are good for him. INvega Ssteena is good for hearing voices. My son is finally on meds that controls things, only 1 year, and its been 9 since he got psychosis SZ. he is on olanzapene, oxcarbazene, and trintillex. He was on one that has class action law suits and causes gambling addiction, of which he had and spent 8000 dollars. The hospitals always let them out after about 3 days. I have to get my son immediatly on meds, and once on them will easily take them, if my son is off for 3 days he gets violent, and wont go back on them until forced. Luckily he has been taking them consistently but I have to hand them and remind him every day. There are also adult day cares, and help you can get to take care of him and come to your home, and or you can sign up and get paid to take care of him for some hours at your home. CA is $!8 an hour, and about 59 hours a month. Nevada about $10 an hour, it depends on state.
My son just got a simple stocking job at a clothing store 2 days ago. It has been a long struggle. Many told me to give up, I did not. Luckily with Covid too, they are doing computer, and phone appointments, so you dont even have to get him to doctors. I just called and scheduled appointment, and then hold the phone to my sons face and put on speaker and we both talk. (Prior my son refused to go to doctors). Then I pick up meds at walgreens. They also can deliver to locations. Medications is key, or they could end up homeless, or in jail, or committing a crime.

Hi @Hummingbird - I am in NY (Long Island) and would be interested if you could share the Manhattan practice for my brother.

Hi, it is

Gray Matters on Fifth Ave

At first it was out of pocket, but then they found a way to take my insurance.
Good Luck!