I can't live like this anymore


That’s true if you have a partner or other friends/family who help rather than make things worse.
I believe her husband made it worse, and I know my husband makes it worse sometimes - although, if it’s a sudden crisis, he can be a lifesaver.

You’re lucky your husband handles it very well, but it’s sad that it’s taken a toll on him. I hope his new meds help him.


No friends but I do believe in God and have been face down begging for answers and reading scripture but getting nothing. Thank you so much for interceding on my behalf! :green_heart:


I’m praying right now tears in my eyes. I told my husband today that we have got to cry out to the Lord.


I’m not religious, but I know people who are and who get great comfort from church and their church family.

Maybe that would help you?

I think we’re all worried about you, and you need something in real life that can help relieve some of the pressure you’re feeling.


@Sheyelo, you got friends here now :heart:


Can pics be uploaded here?


Yes. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

Random letters to fit space.


How do you do that? I guess I’m just dumb


Are you on mobile or on a computer?

If mobile, all you have to do is press upload on the right lower corner when you initiate a text. If you’re on a computer, when you begin the text there should also be a linked text saying “Upload” in sky blue letters. When you click that, it’s going to pop up your last files (documents, pictures, music, etc.) So just look for the file in wherever you saved it to upload it and wait until in loads and just write your text with the picture and you’ll be good. :grin::+1:t3:


Mobile phone. Don’t have computer


On my last replied I just edited to explain how to do it, so it should be really easy. You just gotta look through your pictures after pressing that.


First pic was me on Election Day. Second is me now.


Wow. You looked very beautiful on that day and now you just looked really stressed and depressed. Have you tried seeing a psychiatrist yourself? If you do, you can even be disabled to depression or PTSD due to your son’s behavior and how traumatized you are. Nonetheless you are still a very beautiful woman and have gorgeous eyes and a lovely hair color! :slight_smile:️:two_hearts:


Maybe you can call NAMI. I’ve never had the time to go to a support group but I’ve heard they’re good. This is a good website! I read it during our darkest time with our son and till this day I still read it. Hugs to you! Continue to read and reply to the parents on this forum. This forum helped me and others through our darkest days. O don’t post very often, but I’m always on here reading and praying for us all.
A Prayer for Strength is often needed during difficult times. God is always here for us, to give us strength and lift our hearts when all seems hopeless.

“I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.”

[PHP 4:13]


Wow, Your eyes are beautiful! In the last picture you most definitely look depressed. I have pictures of me looking just like that in the beginning. Stay strong! Hugs to you!


I can’t see any dr bc no insurance and can’t work. When I was working and seeing a pdoc and med doc I was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder and ptsd along with gad. But if or until my disability comes through I’m having to tough it out on my own. Thank you for the kind compliments! I want that Paige back! The one that was independent and strong! The one bf the migraines, my ex and my sons disability took the ground out from under my feet!


I tried the nami group here in my town Jackson tn and I kid you not, all they did was sit around and color. Don’t get me wrong that was good for the ones that were there but there wasn’t anyone with sz or bpd there. And thank you for the compliment too and the continued prayers! This forum has truly been a life saver for me!! Especially over the last couple days!! God bless you all!! I’m praying for everyone too!


I hated my hair as a kid! People always made fun of my red hair fair skin and freckles!!! But as I grew older I began to appreciate how God made me and the fact that redheads are so unique and a dying breed!


Our local mental health center ran by the county (same one I keep going on & on about) only charges people $1.38 per appt if they don’t have insurance or their insurance won’t pay.

I really think you should check into it. If you want to PM me where you live, I’ll see if I can find something.

We live in a big county with lots of resources, but my husband has a friend who lives in the boonies. They get lots of help for their daughter through their county.


I understand. Did you put that you have all of that in the disability inquiry? They can definitely disable you if you have all of that. I love red hair! I dyed my hair red for my birthday when I was 16 and some shades of brown at the bottom, but because my hair is black (Chinese hair from what people tell me it looks like, which I am partially Chinese), it barely looked dyed, only if you flashed a light.