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I feel dead inside

I haven’t posted in a long time, but I come in and read most of the post. Right now my heart hurts and I am crying. I don’t know where or whom to turn too. My son is experiencing phychosis, he is saying that " there are people outside impersonating police officers and they a raping and killing people. I had to go to the grocery store yesterday and could not make it, because he was adamant about me not going outside. Today I went to the grocery and he kept calling me to hurry home and if anyone stops me go straight to the sheriff’s office. I don’t think his doctor really cares what happens to my son anymore. I called the doctor, but he won’t even speak to me, because of the hippa law. I came home my son says all his medications were stolen, someone came into our home and took his medication. I told him to call the doctor and explain to the doctor what’s going on. I wanted my son to call s his doctor so the doctor can hear that my son was not well. My son tells him his medication was stolen someone came into the home and took them. He also told the doctor about people being outside and they are call " gang stalkers ". You would think the doctor would prescribed him medication, but NO, instead he called in the medication that my son claimed he was missing " Klonopin ". My son wasn’t missing any medications they were in other bottles of a different medication.

The doctor put him on medication a while back and my son was doing so well, but my son doesn’t see he has a problem, so of course he won’t take medication for the psychosis. He will take his medication for anxiety and depression. I have begged the doctor to put my son on medication but I am exhausted of fighting the doctor and my son. My son fights for everything that has to do with this illness. All other doctors he let’s me talk to them and I am on the hippa form. I do everything for my son, pick up his medications, make appointments, drive him to appointments. He can’t do it on his own.

I live in Florida, is so frustrating to get help. When I ask for help, I am told to have the police officers to do a wellness check, my son lives with me. Well when they do a wellness check, unless he is a threat to himself or others they won’t do anything. The next thing is having him baker act him, all that does is the same thing he goes into the hospital for a day and if he is not a harm to himself or others, he is out the next day.

I have no idea what else to do, how could this be so frustrating not to have someone help me, help my son? Not know where or who to turn too? I read the book " by Xavier Amador " I am not sick I don’t need help. But my son fights me, he is 30 years old Do I force him in the car and take him to the doctor to let me sign the hippa form? Do I throw him out till he gives in? This are questions I keep asking myself, but none make any sense. I can’t kick him out I would be even more worried. I am so lost and so sad.

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im sorry youre having such a tough time…i have similar difficulties with my son…has your son tried clozapine…its supposed to be good.


My son is also 30 with PSZ. Your story sounds very similar to our struggles with my son. My wife (not his mother) and I have guardianship and conservatorship of my son. It is difficult to achieve, but not impossible. It may be different in Florida, so I suggest strongly that you consult a lawyer who is familiar with gaining both those things.
Once you have them, you can control his money and assets. (My son ran up considerable credit card debt and bought crazy things during the time we had no control over him.). He receives SS disability (not much, something) and we give him an allowance every week, so he can save money.
The guardianship allows you to control which medicines he takes also per the doctors advice. Does he have a diagnosis of PSZ? Why does the doctor only give him anxiety and depression meds? Maybe he needs a new doctor? A psychiatrist for sure. A clear diagnosis for sure.