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I feel so abused by the system

My son has had schizophrenia for three years. He’s a veteran and I’ve talked to the VA many times. They say just get them in here and will help him. After a whole year of trying to get him an appointment We scheduled an appointment about a month ago and we went to our appointment today. I was so excited that he had finally made this appointment and he was hopefully going to get some help. I was at the appointment with him and the doctor said “why he is he coming to this appointment now why this month?” And that was the first time I spoke I said, “He is looking to establish care hopefully get some medication prescribed and go from there. This is the first time that he’s ever voluntarily come to a doctor.”
She asked him what type of health issues are you concerned about? My son said, “I think my brain is broke”
It was sad and I teared up. The doctor said is it just you guys at home it fo you have support. I said it’s just us and m fine that was just sad what he said.
The doctor excused herself and all of a sudden there are two big sheriffs at the door and she said I’m Baker acting him!
I pleaded with her no no why are you doing this? We came here for help we came here to see if we could get some medication! If you do this he’s never going to come back to a doctors office ever again! Why would you do this please stop!
My son ran
The cops and doctors were all chasing
I was hysterically crying in the rear
My son was gone…
I got in m car and drive around looking for him but as soon as I got out of the VA parking lot cops pulled me over like I was a bank robber.
10 cop cars
They take my car keys
I say so why did you pull me over can I please leave? We’re just trying to help your son he says.
They finally say I’m free to go
I drive around for 15 minutes and I find my son.
He gets in the car and I’m telling him I’m sorry I thought we were going to the doctor. Then the cops pull me over they handcuff my son take him away give me tickets and impound my car.
I would never take my son to a doctor ever again.

@Knows3939, I’m in tears reading your story. Did your son have a history of endangering himself or others? On what grounds did the doctor call the police? What was your sons crime other than wanting to finally see a doctor and get on meds? I’m not seeing the full picture. You can’t arrest someone for being schizophrenic. Is there more to the story?

If this happened the way you’re explaining it, I do believe you may have a valid lawsuit against the police Dept as well as that doctor / hospital. How disgusting to be tricked like that. Your poor son, how he must feel betrayed by you, the doctor, and the police!

I’m sure his paranoia was high to begin with, I can only imagine what he’s going thru now.

Sorry you and your son went through that. But “the system” doctors, hospitals, police and the general public are unfortunately under-staffed and often under-educated. When I brought my son to the hospital, stating hallucinations and hearing voices they ran all the test and said it was nothing physical so it must be a mental health issue and they could make us an appointment in three months. I said I think things are a little more time critical than that. They replied you can always check him in to a mental health/rehab center. To which I replied that I thought it would be nice to do this without it seeming like some kind of incarceration. But it seems that things are just not setup so that you can calmly go into a doctor and get some help. Too often it’s not until things get so bad they are mandated/ordered/arrested. Ultimately they do get help in that way it just seems that it could be easier. On the bright side It was not that long ago that we shocked, lobotomized or locked in the basement those suffering. Although, in my opinion, medicine and society have plenty of room for improvement in how the mentally ill are treated, they can be treated and helped to some extent. Not sure if that was the bright side or not. Sorry to rant. Stay strong, love unconditionally, and if you fight the system, fight to make it better.

What a horrific ordeal , i would be furious , so upsetting to hear this and im so sorry you and your son has to go through this … just awful !