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I guess this is goodbye


I am no longer In a relationship with my sz boyfriend so I guess I don’t need to be on here anymore. I thought we could get through it and work something out. I tried and fought as hard as I could for us. I’m really sad about everything but I’m glad I got introduced to this forum I have had a lot of help from a handful of people so I wanna thank you for being there through my dark times. There are so many helpful people on here. Your stories have also helped a lot so I wish everyone good luck and I’m praying that things will get better for everyone’s sake.


I’m very sorry to hear that things couldn’t work out. I hope you both find happiness, whether it is separate or with each other someday. Please take care of yourself and know that it is not your fault.


One never knows what is around the next bend in life but there will be both good and bad things. Look for the good in people and choose to be happy. I wish you the best!