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Thanks to all the people who tried to help me. I appreciate your kindness. I won’t be back on here. Despite me telling others not to give up, I am doing exactly that. I wish everyone luck in finding peace and happiness in their lives.


Kasia, I hope you’re not thinking about suicide. PM me if you want to chat. I’m sure you’re a great person and would be dearly missed by your friends and family if you were to hurt yourself.


Thanks but I can’t be here anymore. I can’t take being attacked by those with Sz anymore.


I understand if you don’t anything to do with this forum. I’m just saying if you’re thinking of anything drastic like suicide, you should be careful. Just think of all your loved ones and how much it would hurt them. Do they deserved to be hurt like that?

Anyways, I hope you feel better soon kasia.


If it’s the med’s making you feel suicidal then quit them, it’s better to take a break :smile:


As I understand it, you’re OK but your boyfriend has schizophrenia.


I know I don’t know you but stop before you do anything. If you’re feeling suicidal ask yourself this: Do I want to be gone for good, or just for today? Most of the time when I feel that way it’s just because I want to be gone in that moment but really am not ready for it all to end. Secondly ask yourself this do you have any goals for tomorrow? The next day? How about next week or next year? Sometimes goals help distract our negative thoughts. is a good page to read if you’re really feeling down. I visited it a few times now. It tells you to listen to others around and learn that people get through these moods. (I know I’m a living testament to this…). Give yourself distance say you’ll wait 24 hours before you do anything, or a week if you can wait that long. It has other information on the page and would recommend reading it on your own time.


**Dear @kasia~
Maybe you need a break. There are arguements on here from time to time-but just like a family, you have to work through them.
I hope you take care of yourself. :beetle: **


i hope you are okay :heart:
take care :alien: