I need some explanations please!


No problem! It’s my pleasure! ^^


Thank you Barbiebf, now that I’m in a good mood It’s a pleasure to exchange information and support with you guys but when I’m somewhat weak, reading problems of others reminds me problems of my self which I had and because of that I prefer to come here less. However thanks again for your warmness.


I certainly was aware of my schizophrenia when I first got it. You cant but be aware that you have the condition. What you really ask I think is the question that psychiatrists ask which is “does the schizophrenic have insight”. This means does he understand that he is suffering delusions and that he is crazy, in the psychiatrists opinion. Anyway, what I want to say is psychiatrists are arrogant and do not really understand this illness. In my opinion any schizophrenic is more of an expert on this illness than any psychiatrist.

To answer your second question, medication is not really effective, thus it may not clear up his delusions. Also, if your friend has schizophrenia that is spiritual/religious, then his crazy beliefs may actually be real. I have schizophrenia that is spiritual/religious and I still believe a lot of what I believed when I first got this illness. Nobody can disprove my beliefs. I still believe them, and I know it is the truth and that they are real.

Your third question…Just be caring and tolerant and don’t try to dismiss or ridicule his beliefs.


Thank you for your answer. But reading online (is the only way for me to get informations) I found that many schizophrenic when they feel good are aware that their beliefs aren’t real.
I also think psychiatrist are arrogant, I’m cured from my OCD but I never felt so good when I talk with them about my problems, it’s like they don’t care at all about you and like they only try to “fix” you like you are an object.
By the way I think he’s paranoid, he believes that people persecute him and that they want to hurt him…I don’t know what to do, how can I reassure him that nobody won’t hurt him? And what about when he hears voices? Can’t he understand they are not real? :confused:


NO! not with out some help, and practice and stability. I used to think that I was developing sonic hearing and my voices were the neighbors and all the other people in town.

The brain tries to make sense of the voices and that is when some of the guys in my SZ group think that it’s God talking to them, it’s the government beaming thoughts in to their head… or like me… developing sonic hearing.

It took a lot of therapy to get a handle on the fact that my voices are from within, not external. After that then I could address them as gibberish. But for a while, I was CONVINCED that the neighbors and others were going to kidnap my baby sister and kill her. I heard them with my sonic hearing… (which 13 years and 6+ hospital stays later… I now know to be my head circus)


I see.
But once he would be convinced that voices aren’t real (after therapy, meds and stuff) he could have a relapse or he will be “normal” (I don’t like this word, by the way) for life? I want him to feel good.


We could all relapse. I work very hard not to. It’s not like… Oh, I got this… no more need to do anything.

NO, the meds, the therapy, the mindfulness, the reality checking is something I will have to do for the rest of my existence I think.

If I give in to negative symptom, I know I’ll give up on myself and start skipping meds and be right back where I started. If I give in to positive symptoms, I’ll start getting self-destructive and manic and then I’ll start skipping meds and stop therapy and I’ll be right back where I started.

Once he is convinced the voices aren’t real, he’ll still have to work to keep it that way. For me, this illness finds new tricks all the time. Sometime tactile hallucinations will start in, sometimes I’ll have some wild mood and motivation swings, sometimes I get hit out of the blue with a deep depression, or just a lack of empathy and anger.

Somedays are amazing and fun and I feel great. Other days, I am so ill and so angry and so not in my head, I can’t even get up. Those days are less and less. But they do hit. If I get a small cold? That will trigger. Stress will trigger. Family situations will trigger… my sis had to go into surgery a few months ago… She was fine… I was loosing it.


Oh my, I feel sorry for you :c
By the way thank you for your help, I’ll try to do my best with him…


The fact that you are learning what sort of mean beast this illness can be and your seeing the difference between the man and the illness… You are by his side, you are here for the long haul…

He may not say it… I wasn’t able to say it when I was in the start of all this confusion… but you are doing so much more then others do. Your doing great.


Thank you, SurprisedJ c:
You guys have all been really kind and willing ^^


If he thinks people are going to hurt him, get him to take some medication. The anti psychotics will ease any tension or anxiety.

In my opinion the voices can have a real significance. The voices to me are spirits from the spirit world. They are not unreal. How do you think the voices have fully developed minds of their own.


well in my son’s case he still is saying he does not have it .
And no his meds just helps with the delusions as to the relate to him its not an easy thing i just had to read and study about the disease. but not all sz people are the same…good luck


@joelsgirlkathy…us schizophrenics can be very absorbed in our own schizophrenia dominated world. It can be burdensome for all concerned, the patient and also the family. But, in time we improve and relations improve with the family.

What I will advise you is you need to strike a balance on medication. Anti psychotics come with side effects which can affect our sociability and also our motivation. They can leave you feeling lethargic. My point is…Psychiatrists do NOT know what is an effective dose of anti psychotics. Typical dose is 20mg of olanzapine. But 5 mg can be a much more effective dose. 5mg does not mean you are any less ill, nor is it less effective dose. I personally take just 5mg of olanzapine and it does me fine. I have not as much problems with negative symptoms when Im on 5mg.


well he has a doctor app on Tuesday and he told me he did not want me to go because I might tell the doc about his rocking…well I don’t need to tell her she will see it, he said no med change for him…I don’t need it I said you saw what happened when you stopped your world fell apart… damn I get tired of going around and around about this. he is smoking so much in the house it burns my eyes I said something about it and even bought him a vapor cig, but he still is doing it ,I am getting fed up with the stink and the smoke…HElp someone what else can I do ,it was before no one smoked in my house!


There was a time when I had control over my son’s cigarettes. I would give him 30 a day. He used to smoke more then that. At the time I was buying them. Now he pays for them but he has cut down a little bit. I have no advice on how to get him to cut down or even smoke outside. Maybe try to keep it to one ventilated room? I remember visiting my son when he lived with his previous caregiver and they both smoked a lot and it gave me headaches every day and burned my eyes. All that second hand smoke is not good for either one of you. Maybe look into some type of air cleaner for your own health.


How do i relate to any one individual, disease or not? Some schizos go over the edge,somtimes they dont come back,i have been on the edge. I think yhe reason i reached out for somthing,anything was because i realized i was at the edge,meds r the only thing that stabalized me at that point


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