Some considerable experience and still so many questions on the other side

So - I’ll reiterate if you didn’t read my reply earlier this will all be new

My sister isn’t diagnosed but shares so many symptoms with what I have read here I can’t ignore it.
She lives with my mum who has had two other Schizophrenic children - our middle sister, who was hit by a car in 2001 and me, the eldest sister… she is 80 and has a small dog. She is adamant that I don’t call the psychiatric services because of how much worse things get at home when we try to intervene…

I have phoned multiple ambulances and police over the years and have been met with ‘Does she have a knife?’ ‘Then we have no option but to send riot police’ ‘She has the right to kill herself’.

I’m sure that can’t be all they can do

my sister hardly leaves the house, when she does she is paranoid, crossing the park to avoid every man she sees… She has sworn she won’t go back to hospital - with alcoholic kidney and liver failure in 2020 she believed they were bullying her and poisoned her for 5 days and I don’t think she has a doctor even
she spends all her time under the duvet or reading or watching tv.

for a while she studied - a few years ago she was writing essays but this is after 7 years living with my mum as a raging alcoholic… she’s been living with mum and very unwell for 10 years now

her depression and negativity know no bounds she is convinced people are going to harm her me mum the dog. she believes her pictrures are all over the internet and has no computer or phone. she lives with the curtains down and takes light bulbs out of the ceiling. she is suicidal and out on the ledge every few weeks but would rather get cancer because she hasn’t got the nerve she says.

She has bizarre beliefs of shell ford and the Catholic Church ruling the world and has had various explanations for what the church is and does and wants and believes

she thinks she can predict the future like the age the Queen would be when she died, (we’re in UK) and various things like that

I have no idea if she hears voices but has ideas of reference when she goes out

my mum won’t get help for her end of and has no hope

I have a responsibility here, no?

I feel this story is too similar to what I’m reading here she MUST be also schizophrneic - I know a psychiatrist can diagnose… she can be reasonably rational - that is what I don’t get really - I have no idea how to tell you how irrational I was and our middle sister were at all times - this seems to be so much worse when she drinks mum thinks it’s actually an alcoholic psychosis… I doubt it

actually have looked it up
I think and my mum thinks its’ alcoholic psychosis
just made really bad because of all the Schizophrenia in the family

Heya @three, haven’t seen you for awhile! Good that you are still fighting the good fight against severe mental illness.

Getting off of alcohol can bring about large improvements. Finally, after years, my husband has been sober now since February. Much better life now: Daughter still doing well on meds, and Husband doing well off of alcohol. Years long efforts that paid off.