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I really need help in copeing

I have a son who is extreamly talkative to no one…please, please anyone out here who can help me?

Does he talk to himself a lot? What’s his age?

It comes with the territory sometimes. Don’t try to change him, accept him the way he is. He doesn’t talk for reasons that to him are good.

He talks from the min his eyes are open, to whenever it is he goes to sleep, non-stop. Inside the house, outside…he slaps whatever there is around him, fights it, argues it, and laughs with it. I don’t try to change him, I try to calm him sometimes when its a bit much

Sorry, I thought you meant he won’t talk much to anyone. Does his Dr know about this?

I find this somewhat concerning. If he is physically interacting with his hallucinations it may be time to seek some outside help.

I cant find help on the outside. Yes he starts up the min, and I do mean the min he awakes, un stop til he sleeps. I had to ask the “other” to leave my home the other night, “IT” went, but so did my son. I am heart broken, scared to death for him, I don’t know where to turn anymore. Someone out here has advise, someone out here has a answer.

He refuses to seek a doctor, he says his other voice is his best friend