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I smiled today...?


I would like to suggest a thread with light hearted joy.

Someplace where we can put down the little things that bring a smile to our day.

They exist…we share them already.

Why not make a thread?

It would be a wonderful resource.

I’ll start.

Found this, and I smiled today:



This is from the ski trail yesterday - love to be in the woods on skis. Sharing for those who would like to see snow.








Mine is just awful of me, but I will tell on myself all the same. I was in an elevator a few minutes ago and I leaned against the wall and the panel made a sound, i moved off of it and it made the same sound in reverse. My husband asked me what are you doing? I said its not me its the panel, I just leaned and “unleaned”. Another person on the elevator said “You doing that is making me worry the elevator isn’t safe”.

I did NOT respond but what jumped to my lips was “you might want to check with your doctor about increasing your meds”. I didn’t think it in a mean way, it is just such a common reply on this forum that it popped into my head.

After I left the elevator and the door closed - I SMILED



Yeah, I’ve had those moments.



I know, I know…he’s goofy.
There is nothing deep or thoughtful in this.

Just sweetness.
Click on the blue title, and the link will take you.



This made me smile today





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He made me smile :smiley: