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3 Positives in your day

I started a thread on “our” side of the site, the forum for people with SZ/SZA for listing 3 positive things from your day.

My therapist told me to try to find just 3 things per day. It helps you shift your thinking to a more positive way.

Use this thread to list your three things. As I was told, just making it to the end of the day or the day being over can count as positive. Anything that is a nice thing. I also have a page called 3 Positives on FB if anyone is interested.

My positives for today:

  1. I woke up earlier than usual for a weekend and felt rested.
  2. My daughter made a nice lunch.
  3. My husband really appreciated the cappicino I made him.

This is a really awesome habit to have!
Focus on the positive, because good breeds good!
You’ve got a double-win there with making a cappuccino, and doing it for someone else!


  1. Called my Dad and got some solid advice about work.
  2. Got to work on time and performed all of my tasks well.
  3. Made dinner together with my girlfriend.

The idea of this threat makes me smile, thanks @ZombieMombie

  1. I got more sleep than usual last night PLUS got a nap in today.
  2. My daughter and I shared some pizza.
  3. A friend invited me to lunch.

Today so far…

  1. Took my meds
  2. Had a tasty lunch
  3. Didn’t nap the morning away.

Kinda early in my day but I’ll go with:

  1. The sun is out
  2. The pond I look out on is very sparkly
  3. This one is from last Friday - My son came home with a pizza and said I have a pizza if you want to split it and sat down at the kitchen table to eat it with me (he hasn’t done that for a loooong time).

I like this - I’m going to use it every day. Thanks!

  1. My daughter gave me a smile and a hug over the leftover pizza. Love that.
  2. Work went well, no stress.
  3. The weather here in Florida is absolutely beautiful today and tonight.

It is great to look back and smile because of this thread.

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I took care of the gas bill.
I signed up for Christmas help.
I had pizza.


My lovely daughter took two meals from me today instead of just one.
The sunset was absolutely beautiful.
I made lasagna with lots of leftovers for the next few days


I think this is such a good idea I’m going to start a daily notebook of it for when I have rougher days and I can look through the notebook.



  1. I made homemade potato soup and it was tasty.
    2.I ended up with a touch of spending money.
  2. I reconnected with a friend from the hospital.

For those of you who want to do this and look over your posts…there is an app called Daylio that allows you to pick a mood, activities you did, and enter notes. It is available on the Google Play store. I don’t know about iPhone.

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I made fried rice.

Saw the first snow!

Both of my sons with autism were snugglier than usual.

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Great idea. My son has been unmedicated for 10 months. I need to remind myself there is always something positive even on terrible days.

  1. My son and I went for a walk with his dog
  2. I went out alone shopping for a few hours with my husband, without our son. Nice break
  3. I brought home a new bath mat for my sons bathroom. Usually he hates anything new or change. Today I tried new approach I said here is another mat, so you have one to use when the other one is dirty. I’ll put it in the closet. He said, “I love it can I use it now?” Yes with a big smile on my face.

My grocery shopping with my daughter went well:

  1. She was nice to me
  2. She wanted sensible things for me to buy
  3. She actually talked to me in the car all the way to the grocery store about pleasant things like art

It seems odd, but since I have been posting on this thread, I see more positives in life in general.


Ahhh, snuggles from kids are sooooo nice.


My son laughed at my joke :rofl:
My brother texted me asking about my weekend.
Got pleasure from watching my dog have fun on his walk.

  1. I went to an exercise class.
  2. I returned some phone calls.
  3. My son told me he would be homeless if it weren’t for his dad and I.

1 )I did a workout today. 2 )I went out to lunch for pizza with my son and we laughed. 3) I got some time to relax on the sofa.


It’s nice to hear from you Irene. I’m glad you and your son had a positive outing.

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  1. My daughter took breakfast from me this morning
  2. She smiled REALLY big at me and said “I love you”
  3. I got enough sleep last night, able to go back to sleep after her rant began, instead of being awake all night.