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Sister was drinking , confabulating and on a high window outside

Just been on the phone to my mum
Mum is her carer
Mum doesn’t want help she thinks I will make it worse she thinks medical intervention would make it worse.I’ve called the ambulance on her many times mum says she’s not unwell enough to section.
We have tried to get a section for .8 years

Sounds like Mum is in denial. I would call the police and seek hospitalization for her. She’s a danger to herself 100%.

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The police were called an ambulance and police were there she wouldn’t let them in saying They were fake police and they couldn’t do anything because they couldn’t go in the house without permission.

We’ve had riot police round and she was dangerous The police decided riot police were needed so we had four people invests with shields and the woman saying it’s her right to kill herself there is no real care in this country

I have called ambulance countless times and police they do nothing there aren’t the beds in UK

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I’m so sorry. You shouldn’t have to live that way.

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I can’t even go round tonight
My husband is in night shift I just have to take care of myself
That’s difficult but it has to be my priority as a schizophrenic to take care of my stress levels

Yes, indeed you need to take care of yourself @three … your mum needs you strong as she has her hands full with your sister. All you can do is be there for your mum and listen to her and support her. Ask her what she needs from you? There’s not much you can do for your sister, especially if your mum is running interference. I know it is tough, but your mum will call the police herself if it comes down to it. I’m sorry the UK is sending police in riot gear, rather than sending a therapist trained to deal with mental illness. Try and concentrate on other things in your life that bring you peace, like your painting. It’s harsh, but it is near impossible to help someone who does not want to help themselves. I realize that the sz interferes with your sister’s ability to recognize that she needs help, but it sounds like your mum may also be distrustful, so there is really very little that you can do other than set an example by looking after yourself. I hope your sister stabilizes and your mum gets some relief.

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Thank you for this post @CanadianDaughter

Nothing has changed again All back to normal

Second extreme crisis in 5 weeks
hospital for a week in intensive care with kidney failure the hospital team fighting to save her life

then out in a windowsill 5 weeks later

The time in between we will all have to take enough care of ourselves