Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum

I’ve been on the wrong forum all along!


There’s an identical forum to this one!
That has a lot more hope in the topic I speak about!
Seems like a lot of people on there are in the same journey
Thank you everybody here to be so kind
But I will now be joining the other forum and will be leaving this one
Take care and good luck on your journey!



Oh, no, you’re leaving us? You can be on both forums, you know.



And what forum are you talking about? Would be nice to know.



@TheSunshineMaras, if I may ask, where are you going? I would also like to check out a forum that encourages less meds and promotes a more natural, supplemental, and therapeutic way of treating sz. I found out early on a lot of people in this group are very pro meds, and a lot of people’s MI loved ones are on heavy doses of meds, including injections, and a lot of them are also on clozapine (which they call the last resort drug). If it’s workimg for them, great. But I often felt like I was in the minority for even considering other options or possibilities, so I get where you’re coming from.

I would love to know where you’re headed, if I can help my son with alternative ways (perhaps in addition to or in lieu of these meds), I’m all for it. Any little bit that takes away from him being so entirely dependent on these meds…



Hey I decided I would somewhat be in here too sometimes
But this website has a sister site!
And I think it’s for the clients !
But a lot of similar stories of people getting off there meds
And how they went about it!
Pretty much a lot more relative to what I’m trying to discuss
But you can always just message me
I’ll be posting a lot less here
Unless I find something interesting about other alternatives!!
I’ll post anyways and ignore the haters…
And you’re right a lot of pro meds here…
Thank you for all of your love and support mb! And everybody who’s been with me through our journey!


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Hey if anybody needed to contact me personally for any reason
My email is catchtheearth(at)
I can answer any questions about our journey
So far as you may know
The biggest struggle right now has nothing to do with schizophrenia
But a lot more to do with the severe side effects of invega sustenna
Like dystonic storms and akathasia

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I would do a lot of research on shilajit…
That is one of the most powerful alternatives we have encountered so far…
Especially if one is going through nervous system issues like dystonia and akathasia…



I will most likely do that! Old lady blue
But will be definitely be posting less on this website!
Thank you for all your guidance through this and your support
If I can virtually give you a medal
I would!

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Thank you so much @TheSunshineMaras , some of your posts have helped me out too! Hugs.



@TheSunshineMaras, so glad to hear you’re not leaving this forum 100% and you’ll still be here part time. Someone mentioned on here that meds were great to bring them out of psychosis and clear them, and it’s so true, but as a way of life for eternity?? My belief is that there has to be a more balanced, safer way, applying different avenues. For me, it’s just scary thinking that all my son has to do is just pop a pill everyday (possibly for the rest of his life), and he’ll be “ok”. And if that pill doesn’t work, they’ll just give him another pill/injection. I like having different options besides meds.

My son’s therapist’s words: if this doesn’t work, don’t worry, there is so much out there that he can try. Scary…

Thank you for a different, refreshing outlook on this illness and for sharing all of your knowledge thus far in your journey.

Hope to see you posting as your girlfriend progresses (hopefully in a positive direction).



Oh, my! Don’t spell out your email address online, unless you have a really good spam catcher on your email account. It’s better to replace the symbols with [at] and [dot] so the bots are less likely to find it.



Right now my daughter’s meds are the only thing she has to help her besides her therapy… she takes them every night and is eager to make sure she takes them… she can tell the diffference… but if we could have alternatives… that would be great… but we are not ready to take her off… nor should we until the doc says it is okay… they feel that with continued therapy she should not have to stay on meds forever… I am interested in doing alternative along side the meds until the time comes she doesn’t need the meds as much and then continue with the alternatives.



@Windyhill63, I’m in 1000% agreement with you. My son needs to be on something, and he is, but I’m hoping with more therapy, and other options he is presented with from the therapist, that meds will not be his ONLY option. I don’t like the feeling that there is only one way out, if you know what I mean…

What I wouldn’t do to have my “old” son back…I’d do anything



1000% agreement? Wow that is pretty strong agreement! :grin:



I am glad to hear you will still be back on the Family site as well. I don’t believe there are any “haters” per se on the site currently, only people who feel that the traditional Western medicine route is the only one. My parents were from a generation that trusted physicians completely so my dad ended up with a doctor who over-medicated him for all kinds of things (not mental illness), did not monitor his drug levels or health frequently and I believe that is why my dad died prematurely. I choose to be skeptical of Western medicine, but admit in some cases it is necessary.

I look forward to hearing success stories no matter how the result was achieved. I want my husband to be at peace some day (which will help me be at peace) and live a good life. I think it’s valuable to at least look into any promising alternatives.



What is the website address as I am sure we are all interested in seeking more ways to help/assist our loved ones.



Yes! Would appreciate knowing it too as we are exploring a holistic treatment as well. My son definitely needs his anit-psychotic med, Invega, right now but I’m optimistic that further non-med treatment will help too!



Welcome @AZHome ! I agree… my daughter is taking Haldol at the time, at a low dosage. The doctor is thinking that someday she might not need to rely on this medication as much if she conitnues with therapy. We are interested in holistic treatments as well.

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