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I want to open up to you guys and girls


Today I thought I’d open up to you. I also have psychological problems,I 'm mentally ill and I understand perfectly what you are going through and sometimes I get panic and shake and to forget about this whole issue of illness I go and drink and smoke ciggaretes. My doctor told me that the drugs will make me very well. I believe that through this page I will meet many people and I will make new friends.


Welcome to the forum, I’m sure you will make some new friends.

If you have been suffering from a mental illness… you might meet more people in the diagnosed section.


Hi @SurprisedJ, I am mentally ill myself, but I also have a relative with sz, that’s why I wrote in the “Family” section. But I opened this thread to talk about myself more, I get panic attacks.


I’m glad your here…

I’m diagnosed undifferentiated Sz I end up posting here a lot because I have family that I take care of too.

Some times I take care of others… sometimes other have to take care of me.


Same here.I understand you.How are you feeling now?


Hello and welcome. My father has schizoaffective disorder and his oldest sister has schizophrenia and they both refuse medication so lots of stress for their families. I have schizoaffective disorder like my dad, My mom has all kind of medical issues but my dad doesn’t help her. He drinks and smokes weed to cope with his illness.


Welcome to the forums SmileTruly!

I also have panic attacks too from time to time. I used to abuse alcohol to deal with the anxiety. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder approx 6 years ago.

You said that you have a mental illness, I was curious which one? Or your pdoc hasn’t specified yet and is just calling it an anxiety disorder for now?

Nice to meet you! :smile:


I think a number of close relatives of people diagnosed with sz have mental disorders as well. My son has just been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I have recurrent unipolar depression. About 11 years ago I had severe panic attacks, it was pure horror.

I hope you’ll find lots of support and make friends :slight_smile:


I’m sorry for all these,if you want,we can communicate often.And i want to help you as much as i can.


He hasn’t specified me yet what i have,i get panic attacks very often.

Nice to meet you too.! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.I’m sorry for these.

I hope you find support as well here :slight_smile:


It’s ok. And yeah I would like to talk. I have panic attacks too.


welcome to the forum. I have panic disorder and learned to overcome it by “ignoring the signals” and telling myself “who cares?” works for me anyways. Nice to see you posting.


**Glad to see you here! :raising_hand: **


Thank you for the welcome!
I may follow your instructions and that may help me, thanks.