New to the forum. Husband has Schizoaffective Disorder

Hi. I’m so glad I found this forum. I’ve been feeling isolated, lonely and angry for the past month. My husband was misdiagnosed as bipolar in 2003 and finally dignosed to have schizoaffective disorder after he suffered a psychotic break in 2006. That’s not the problem, though.

My problem is that I’m tired of doing all the heavy lifting on my own. Sometimes I need a “there, there” and a hug myself and maybe vent a little without feeling guilty. So I looked for someplace I could share my feeling and fears without judgement. Feeling a little better already. :relieved:

Most of us with the disease, by the time we’ve been to five psychiatrists, have gained three different diagnoses.


The burden on the caretakers of sz is huge. Trying to speak reason to someone who just doesn’t get it can be frustrating in the extreme. You have my respect and sympathy. Maybe you could look to outside resources for support. Maybe you could go out with your friends. Pamper yourself a little bit. Find something that fulfills you and do that. Then maybe you can come back with your batteries charged and help out your husband.

good on you for loving your husband :heart:
carers of sz are the unsung heroes…
you only have my respect…
take care :alien:

Welcome to the forum!
This really is a great place to come for support if you are unable to attend a local support group.
Caregiving is a hard job. Hope you can find some support here. Vent any time!

Welcome to the forum @MizMac…caregiving can be difficult but I hope you find support here to help :smile:

hi…Feeling lonely and isolated is nothing new to me…just want to tell you that you are not alone experiencing these Feelings…what helps me the most is reading and getting lots and lots of Information in regard to this sickness…believe me it helps to not take anything personal and still maintain self…in my case thanking god every day that i met my love 6 years ago and together he improved immensly and enjoys life once again and with the right meds and following doctor`s orders and my insisting on following through etc…we have beautiful life together…please have patience…it will get better…at the beginning I felt lost.had no idea how to behave and deal with his situation…well,it is our situation now…and with the right attitude and love you will win…feel free to share thoughts, worries etc…am always willing to share my experience and feel happy to be of some help…take care…

Welcome, caregivers are unsung heroes. Let’s face it some of us wouldn’t be here without them. My partner is my caregiver especially when I first got sick. My in laws have tried to convince my partner to try to get money from the united states government for caring for me but she never looked into it.

Just found this forum this morning. I lost my husband to the disease 4 years ago and have not recovered from the stress of being his caregiver yet. I know the strain and hopeless feeling you are having. My husband of 35 years would go to his doctors appointments alone to give me some peace. I’ll check in as I can. I understand your burden. I understand your sense of responsibility. The general public has no idea. You will not surprise us with you venting. We understand.

you are not alone…i also feel isolated, not understood at times and caring for my loved one takes immense patience which at times I struggle with…just airing some of my thoughts helps to overcome hurdles…thanks to this forum I feel better every time I have a chance to share and perhaps also participate in helping others,

patience, patience and more of those…
feel free to share…

we all are in this together and give each other strength…

Welcome to this forum :smiley:
Hope you’ll find some comfort here.

Hi MizMac,
Sounds like you’ve been through the ringer. The forum is a lifesaver for me. It’s where I vent and get my “there, there” and once and a while a “quit whining and suck it up (jk)”.
Keep it up and don;t feel guilty. You are dedicated and what you’re doing is saving your husband’s life. Just remember you have one too. Log on when you’re feeling down and we’ll try to make you feel better. Hugs. :sunny:

We’ve all been there. It’s nice to be able to talk to people who understand what you are going through, and aren’t going to freak out if you start talking about your day.

My partner is my caregiver, sometimes i think i’m pretty easy to deal with compared to some of the problems caregivers have on here. But she vents to me her frustrations and i get on here for her and talk to my fellow sz or sza.