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I will get to see my puppy boy soon!

i love this lil dog. he follows me everywhere and loves me with jumps and kisses. i took care of him when he was a scared rescued baby from the humane society. my ex girlfriend keeps him. she is going out of the state for a month and bringing him to me for care. he is my baby boy. i take him on long walks and run and play with him. he is good for mental wellbeing. we take care of each other. im very excited.

Lol, You’re just friends, right? That’s one sloppy kiss in that bottom photo.

Way more than ‘like’ this!!! I have a senior citizen rat terrier, and he is such a joy, even in his old age!

ya he is very kissy and bouncy. he is a chiwawa dachshund. a chiweenie. I let him climb all over me and lick my face. but he holds perfectly still if i rub his tummy. he is a cuddler and hugger too. very sweet dog. he used to be very afraid and nervous. he is 2 years old i think. he can run really fast and jump super high. but he also listens really well to me. i let him pick out a toy monkey that has velcro hands that can hug him. he has such an amazing heart. i take really good care of him way better than i take of myself. i have been missing him. he reminds me to eat and go outside.

im kind of obsessed i know. he is just awesome though.

What a cutie!

Here is my fella, thinking he might try to sneak along with me on a trip!

I have a dachshund mix too! He is adorable - I just love dogs, they make great companions, they are very therapeutic