Photo: My puppy is possessed

My puppy, Cricket, has been crazy today. She must be possessed! Here is a photo after a temper tantrum.

She’s so beautiful!

Thanks! You should have seen her an hour ago. She was snarling, growling, biting, etc. I was cleaning my house and she didn’t like having to wait for her walk. I guess that’s what you get with puppies.

By the way, how do you say Cricket in Portuguese?

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! so damm cute cute cute cute cute cute :heart_eyes: mom and me both want a new puppy got to wait to the new house first

Cricket is Grilo. :smile:

I wouldn’t put up with that long. Better train them young do they don’t develop bad habits?
I had cats growing up and I know there is little chance of training Them.

It’s Grillo in Spanish. It’s amazing how close Portuguese and Spanish are sometimes.

I was just thinking that there isn’t a feminine word for cricket in portuguese, there is for most animals, not for cricket.

She’s actually been to two training classes. She’s super smart, but I think she may have had a rough upbringing. She was found on the streets of Mexico and then brought up to Austin where I live. We adopted her and she definitely had some problems. Hopefully time and a loving home will heal her.

Shes really cute what type of dog is that?

So she a rescue puppy that’s so great you taking care of her and she got a home that so great! like my dog he was going to put down and mom lie no and so we got him he got his problems but a loving caring home does wonders! for dogs and people for everyone really

She’s a mutt. I tried to get her DNA typed, but it was inconclusive.

Well shes super cute anyway i wanna give her a hug. Also i hope shes ok

Mutts are the best. Every dog I’ve had has been a mutt and most from the shelter. If I ever get another then I’ll get it from the shelter as well.

Thanks for saying that. Yeah, she’s okay. She just gets a little wound up.

I agree. I always get pound puppies.