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My dog ButterNut


this is my new dog ButterNut, she’s an Irish Shorty Jack Russell, her trick is when you say “Pretty Girl” she sits up like this. She’s eating a bunny and a squirrel this week, she’s really cute until she kills something


Oooo, cool. I need one of those here as there have been squirrels and chipmunks going under the house…


she would get rid of them for you! she swallowed a bunny this past week, ugh!


Yup, they are known for that…some hunters even use them for small game. I live out in the woods so am used to that sort of thing. What i do not like is being in a place with a cat door and the cat drops a mouse on your chest in the middle of the night, or you walk downstairs and step on one the cats left there.
I lost my cats this winter. :frowning: they were all outdoor cats so that happens. One I had had for 8 years. Others don’t last as long since Owls and Coyotes have been known to take them, and I’m pretty sure some humans too if the cats have gone after their chicks…


this is the first Jack Russell I’ve ever had, always wanted one She has a great personality, very energetic, always, always hunting , I take her everywhere, she’s the best dog. I rescued her a few weeks ago, owner didn’t want her anymore, he was moving. I’m so lucky!


Cool you rescued her. All my 4 dogs I’ve had here have been rescues…2 were strays (I think, or else abandoned), one was dropped off in my yard as a puppy, and one I got out of the pound just hours before they were going to put her down…
I much rather prefer rescuing an unwanted or abandoned animal than buying one and keeping the puppy mills running…


me too, this dog was a stray, ended up at my cousins house. she posted a sign “dog found” and the owner came. But my cousing said I was looking for a dog, so it all worked out beautifully. I’m glad little ButterNut didn’t get hurt wandering around, and I’m lucky she ended up at my cousins house.

she has too much energy , so I get to keep her, I take her to the dog park but she doesn’t get along with other dogs, she’s a one owner dog. and my neighbor 87 yr old guy, loves her to death, dog sits for me


My beautiful chow mix loves to chase squirrels too, he has not caught one yet - your dog is nice looking, good luck with her


nice doggy…is butternut irish by birth or breed as I never heard of an “irish” shorty jack Russell!

I have heard of an irish wolfhound though.


I had never heard of it either, a couple at the park I was at clued me into it as he had an Irish Shorty and loved the breed. The Jack Russel terrier breed has two kinds, an American and an Irish Shorty.

Irish Shorties appear to be cross bred with a Welsh Corgi, their fur is a bit longer like a Corgi, and her legs are short and stubby like a corgi too.

she’s really a great dog, I got her for free, the man wanted to buy her because he paid $1200 for his. :-0


Oh, what a cutey! I have a senior citizen rat terrier.


God forbid, that a bookcase accidentally topples over on him. Then you would end up with Butternut squash!