I will never succeed

It simply comes down to money. My brother got the promise scholarship. I was awarded the pell grant, which means you need financial assistance and another scholarship. I was struggling with classes so I didn’t complete the semester and was unsure of how the process worked and if I could continue receiving aid for tuition, even though I asked financial aid for advisement. My application fee and $100 fee was waived although I said I could pay for it. Just talked to my dad who is overseas on a business trip. He said he can’t afford a full semester’s tuition, so I should just take one class. Tuition is $6,000, it’s about the most inexpensive. I couldn’t go to the colleges I wanted to because it was too expensive, now I am not even able to go to the college at my home town because it’s too expensive. The conversation: :“you’ve been irresponsible, continue your medication, and just sign up for one class.”

Even though I bought $85 in groceries for the house. Even though I’ve been running errands for my mom while he’s away. Even though I only spent my money this week on clothes which I needed. He said he can’t trust me to spend the money on a medication refill. This is the sort of faith that motivates me to continue striving to better myself. What’s the point in taking one class for a semester when I have 59 credits and the school only offers a Bachelor’s? Maybe I don’t want to get a two year degree in another county where there is nothing but drugs, junkies, gangs and the malls are closing because everyone is so effing cheap. It’s because I actually cared about my education or being successful as a woman.

wow, I can’t believe tuition has spiraled up so bad?? I put myself through college back in the eighties and it used to be affordable. I am sorry your dad doesn’t trust you with money. that must hurt your feelings a lot.

He gave my brother $150 after I had already gone out and bought groceries of my own initiative and I have been here every day while my brother was away at college. I’ve been the one with the burden of taking care of my mom every time he goes on business trips for weeks at a time. We haven’t had a home cooked meal in maybe years, well we had one when my brother was home from school after graduation.

I am so sorry for your plight. My father is wealthy and never helps me out. I understand that. Have you explained to your father that you help out a lot with out being thanked properly and trusted enough? I don’t have much advice. I wish you well.

Maybe this could work for you?


He doesn’t care. Thanks though. My dad is wealthy too. His boss is a millionaire. His small business is involved in healthcare software around the world. Right now he is doing business in Singapore. I’ve never been out of the country. My brother has, he’s been to China on an internship. My dad didn’t support me in education because he stifled and re-directed it. I could’ve gone Harvard but he said not to even attempt the interview with a Harvard alumni. I took the SAT when I was thirteen or fourteen. I didn’t even see the test results but I assumed I had passed because my mom convinced me to take a road-trip with her to CA to take classes from the test results. I studied civil rights for three weeks, but I could’ve come back, I finished the three weeks. I got my certificate in the mail. I think my dad is wealthy but I’m not totally sure. It would cost him as much for our new couches and lawn service for him to pay for my school tuition. But I guess I am not a priority.

The thing is I like the college I was accepted to. I didn’t even know I was accepted and the application fee was waived until I got the email. I’ve lived here for 16 years. My dad didn’t support me finishing college the last semester I took, which was entirely government funded, he said that maybe college wasn’t right for me.

I wonder if you could look into Ameri-Corps.

I volunteered with a young woman who was working through them at these non profits. It’s set up that they help put you through school, or give you monthly stipend if you agree to do all kinds of community related projects and jobs. I think it’s a real great deal.

Good point! My brother suggested this too! I am in the process of applying. I also checked out the University of the People.

Have you successfully done a semester or 2 of 1 class each? I would also insist my son do that first, and then, based on success, would begin allowing more. I have just paid out too much for college that has not been completed to feel prepared to agree to more than 1 class.

Sounds like you are working hard at getting your life together, that’s great! I can hear your discouragement, I hope you can continue to make good progress.

I’m finding a recurring theme in this chat that everyone here talking that is diagnosed has a douchebag for a biological father including me. It’s really a shame to accept that there’s such a lack of confidence in us by our own fathers. Fucking douchebags.

My father is a pretty cool dude, not wealthy but he helped me get through university financially. I never had a lot of money but I managed.

I have a great father. I am looking at other colleges. He is supportive of me and always has been, I was just upset and he’s right–I have been irresponsible. I shouldn’t have spent all my money on clothes etc. and he wired me money to refill my medication which I need to do. In all he spoils me too much, but he has also been supportive of my recovery and I can’t let him down. He paid for a lot of school, and I failed to complete a few semesters because of test anxiety and nervousness.

Dang, maybe you should take a break from going to school if you’re just spinning your wheels and wasting someone elses money. Take a break?

I HAVE taken a break! It has been over two years since I was enrolled at college. GOD. I don’t want to talk about this anymore!

Best of luck with getting the issue sorted and making it back to school on your own terms.

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