Business down 25%


I just recently got the news that our family business had dropped 25% this year,even though I am emotionally numb but I still feel the bad effect,anger,sadness from my parent,I feel I am at fault because i laze around the office and do little work because I ain’t interested and I think I gonna get very very poor soon…this is changing so fast…


I’m sorry about the bad news. It’s tough being broke. But maybe things will pick up after a while.


I can’t understand how tough is it being broke?why do we need so much money,where do we spend it?
I hope I can sense the importance of money…is money for showing off?


For me, money is good to repair my eighteen year old car. Actually, if I had the money, I would buy a new one. If I had the money, I could move out of my parents’ house. I also use money to pay for my cigarettes. I also need money to go to college. I had to take out a loan for that, so I will need money to pay back the loan.


Sorry,but if for me I just use money to eat and sometimes spend on useless stuff,my parent doesn’t allow me to study


I’ve been so broke I had to sell my records for food money. I was stuck miles from home in my car one time with the gas gauge showing empty. All I had was my last 23 cents for gas and I hoped I made it home. You don’t realy appreciate money until you don’t have any. Having no money limits your life so that you can’t go where you want, you can’t eat what you want, you can’t do what you want, you can’t dress how you want.


Sounds very bad,are you born poor or were you once not worry about money and then went poor?mind answering?


The worst for me is I can’t stop spending money,recently I ordered a ps 4 and a few games for 500usd,that is what I want but I can’t control it,it hurts so much for not buying


I grew up middle class. We didn’t have a lot of extra money but we were comfortable. We had a fairly nice car and lived in an affluent city. Then I got sick in1980 and lived in group homes and hospitals. Some of those were nice, some weren’t. I got back to work in 1983, but i have never made a lot of money. But I’ve gotten several rather large windfalls where I didn’t have to worry about money. But my finances go up and down. I 've never starved. Yeah, I’m below the poverty line but I am comfortable.


I don’t have to worry about money…my parents are not exactly wealthy if you get what I mean, but I am on scholarships and my education is free. I think my scholarships cover tuition and then some of my books. It’s virtually free anyways. I may as well go to school, I remind myself that it is free and that relieves my anxiety about it.

But at least you have a job! I don’t really like being in school, too many ups and downs, not stable at all! Tons of work all at once at midterms and finals, then nada, piddle around all day and workout on winter and summer breaks. I might take summer classes this summer, but I would have to pay for those, my scholarships are for being a full time student but don’t pay for summer classes, which are considered extra.